Jim Ross emphasized on Twitter, his WWE Universe blog and official website that he will not be calling WrestleMania XXVI. Instead, he will be attending the event strictly "as a fan."

Official website: "There are no plans for me to broadcast the event at this time. I'm looking forward to seeing old friends and enjoying the weekend as a fan."

WWE Universe: "This is officially a business trip but it's much more than that. I am attending strictly as a fan for the first time that I can recall and I'm looking forward to it."

Twitter: "Made travel 4 WMania. Going 2 enjoy it strictly as a fan. ... Lots of folks asking about me going 2 Mania as a fan. I'm good w/ it. 4 date nites w/ the wife ain't bad."

It should be noted that this past night Monday night at RAW, word had gone around that Ross would be announcing the show alongside Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler. We shall see but it honestly wouldn't surprise me to see him call the main event. Plans can always change and lets hope they do!!

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