-- An interview with Christopher Daniels is available FanHouse.com. He talks about the X-Division, fan chants and more.

-- Here is some more information about the 26 different WWE Magazine covers for April's edition. Assistant Editor Jeff Ashworth said in an interview that subscribers will receive the Shawn Michaels cover, that only the US will get all 26 covers, and the UK and Canada will only have the John Cena, Triple H, Rey Mysterio and Undertaker covers. Canadian fans therefore will not be able to buy the Bret Hart, Chris Jericho, Edge or Christian without crossing the border.

-- Jeff Hardy tweeted the following about Matt's exclusion from the covers: "MattHardy not on one of theWWE wrestlemania magizineCovers.....That is someBULLS**T2me!!!!think about itWWE fans...is that right or wrong?"

-- Matt Hardy also chimed in on Twitter: "I wanna thank everybody for fightin 4 me-means the world to me guys! Make your voices be heard to the Powers That Be! Thx 4 everything!"

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