SITE NOTE: This is just a reminder that TNA Destination X airs live on pay-per-view tonight. There is also a FREE UFC show on the Versus network. The main event features Brendan Vera vs. Jon Jones which is an awesome fight. The entire UFC card for tonight looks nasty good. TNA - not so much. Also, we're exactly ONE WEEK away from WrestleMania 26. Mark my words when I tell you that this week is going to be crazy. Once the Axess festivities and all that stuff starts up it's going to be crazy around here. We'll likely be posting 30+ posts PER DAY throughout the week. You'll NEED to check back in often to keep up. Enjoy the ride with us! received 12.3 million unique visitors and the WWE Shop website averaged 581 orders per day in the month of February.

The Over The Limit PPV will be sponsored by AXE Hair Care. Slim Jim will be the sponsor of SummerSlam.

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