Apparently Ultimate X is up next, so they need to kill time, and a music video showing past highlights is shown.


Christy Hemme is backstage with the MCMG's. Sabin says Generation Me has more balls than brains, because they aren't able to compete on their level. They're children compared to the MCMG's. Shelley says people have been saying they have an attitude, but anyone would because they're the best tag team in the world, but they don't get to show their potential. They've been in TNA longer than Gen Me has had their Hardy Boyz starter kit, and tonight they're going to prove they're better, by fulfilling their destiny and winning Ultimate X.

#1 Contendership of the TNA Tag Team Championship
Ultimate X Match
Generation Me vs. The Motor City Machine Guns

Things start off right away with some crazy, crazy double teams that has tons of reversals and ends with a double clothesline from Gen Me to the Guns. Gen Me hit an elevated double team dropkick and sandwich low dropkicks to Shelley. When they go for the X though, Shelley is able to stop it, and Sabin sends Max to the outside. the Guns double team Jeremy, hitting their crazy chancery/dropkick combo, and Shelley locks in a simeltaneous leglock on Jeremy and abdominal stretch on Max. The Guns hit a crazy move from the ring apron to the outside on Max. This one is hard to follow, it's moving lightning fast.

Jeremy is able to climb up on the structure, but he's brought down by the Guns who hit stereo round kicks to Jeremy Buck. The Guns picks up Jeremy and work him over in the corner, but they both charge into a big boot from Jeremy and then walk into a double dropkick from Max. Gen Me hit a crazy double team, with a double dropkick from Max, and a spinning plancha from Jeremy to both Guns. Max goes up on the structure, climbing the ropes and dodging a springboarding Sabin, but Shelley pulls him down. Max hits a spear on Shelley, but he gets a big kick from Sabin. Jeremy hits a moonsault to the outside on top of Shelley.

Jeremy climbs the structure, climbing his way across the ring while Max stands guard. Max is distracted though, and he eats a kick from Sabin, and ends up being a stepping stool for Sabin to hit a big spear on Jeremy, taking him off the structure and down to the mat. Max is up and he's going right to the structure, Sabin jumps up to the top, but Max is able to fight him off. Max goes off, but the Guns use an insane double team to bring him down. Gen Me is able to fight back a bit and now all four men are down.

All four men are up at about the same time, and all in different corners. Max is the first on the ropes, followed by Shelley. Jeremy and then Sabin are up and everyone is in the middle. Everyone starts kicking at eachother and everyone eventually falls. Series of superkicks from the Bucks, and a running powerbomb into the corner, on Shelley into Jeremy's knees. Jeremy flies out of the ring on top of Sabin. Generation Me go for More Bang for you Buck, but it's countered, and Shelley hangs Max up into the corner, and suplexes Jeremy into Max.

The Guns hit their double team sliced bread #2 on Max, and Sabin goes right up to the top. Jeremy is also there, going to the top and he and Sabin fight it out in the middle. Sabin is able to knock Jeremy to the mat, and he grabs the X, winning the match for his team, and falling to the canvas.

Winners and NEW #1 Contenders: The Motor City Machine Guns

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