JB is backstage with Hall and Waltman. Waltman and Hall get excited because JB says if they lose they'll be 'band' for life. Hall says he broke out the old gear cause he's here to wrestle. Hall says he's gotta prove that's he's better than him tonight. Hall says when you tune into TNA on Monday, you'll see the highest paid superstars in TNA. Waltman says it doesn't matter what they have to do to win, because their asses are grass, and they will smoke them. How appropriate.

Kevin Nash & Eric Young vs. Scott Hall & Syxx Pac

Hall and Waltman are out first, and even though they get a formal announcement, they get no music. Tenay says it's because they aren't under contract. They make their way to the ring to a mixed reaction, and Hall grabs a mic. Hall says they're going retro now, he's even got the tights on, but they want to take a survey. He asks how many people want to see Hall and Waltman in TNA with some big money contracts, and a lot of the crowd cheers. Hall says one more for the bad guys. Nash and Young are out next, with music, and to a much more positive reaction from the crowd.

Young and Waltman look to start things out for their respective teams. They lock up, and Young back up Pac into the corner, where he begins to pound on him until he catches a thumb to the eye. Waltman hits a shoulderblock, but he walks right into a Thesz press and a series of punches. Young rams Waltman's head into the mat, but he's distracted by Hall, which allows Waltman to connect with a big kick. Hall tags in, and he gives Young the old DX crotch chop. They lock up, and Hall starts to work over Young's arm, locking in an arm bar and slapping him in the head. Hall catches Young out of a cross body and connects with a fall away slam that's good for a two count. Hall tags out to Waltman who hits a quick chop, but quickly eats a back body drop. Young charges Pac, but he's thrown to the outside and Pac follows with a big plancha.

Young crotches Waltman on the ring post on the outside, but Hall is right there to put Young down and turn the tide. Back in the ring, Hall tags in, and continues to humiliate Young with slaps to the head before sending him into the ropes and locking in a sleeper.

Young is able to turn it around into a sleeper hold of his own, but Hall is able to connect with a back suplex to break the hold. Young reaches over and is able to make the tag, but Waltman distracts the ref, and the ref doesn't see the tag. Pac starts to search under the ring, and he grabs a can of spray paint, spraying Young in the face. Back in the ring, Waltman and Hall team up on Young, but Young fights them off and tags in Nash. Nash comes in, shoves the ref, and hits the jack knife powerbomb on Eric Young. Nash rolls Young to the apron, and makes the tag, sending Young back in. Waltman picks up Young and hits the X Factor. Hall hits the outsider's edge, and Waltman makes the pin, with Hall on top, getting the three count.

Winners and the newest members of the TNA roster: Scott Hall and Sean Waltman

After the match they go back and grab the spray paint. Waltman takes the can and uses it to outline Young's body, like a chalk outline at a crime scene. The WolfPac music hits, and Hall and Waltman dance around in the ring, smiling the whole time.

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