JB is backstage with Angle. Angle says he's had a problem with people holding mics in his face lately, so he wants to do this alone. He holds up an 8x10 of Mr. Anderson, and he uses a lighter to set it on fire. Angle smiles, and says it's real, it's damn real.

X Division Championship Match
Doug Williams (c) vs. Shannon Moore

The outline of EY is still in the middle of the ring. Williams takes down Moore to start off the match, but the chain wrestle for a bit before Williams kicks Moore away. Williams takes Moore down to the mat again, and he takes him over with a side headlock, but Moore fights out. Williams takes it to Moore with a kick and a couple of punches, but Moore retaliates with a couple of arm drags, an inverted atomic drop, and a big leg drop. Moore goes for the pin, but he can only get two. Moore goes to the top rope and hits a leaping hurricarana on Williams, but he still can't keep Williams down for more than two. Moore goes for a top rope hurricarana, but Williams ducks out of it, and knocks Moore to the mat, choking away at him.

Williams hits Moore with a high knee off the ropes, but it's only good for a near fall. Williams locks in a front chancery, but Moore fights out of it, only to walk right into a gut wrench suplex. Williams goes for the chaos theory, but Moore fights out of it. Williams hits a running knee on Moore in the corner, and chokes him with his boot before stomping away at Moore. Williams pounds on Moore with a series of forearms, before choking him in the corner, but when the ref breaks it up, Moore fights back, and he's able to hit a bulldog, leg lariat, and dropkick in succession. Moore goes to the top and hits a twisting moonsault on Williams, that sends him to the outside, where he eats a baseball slide. Moore goes to the top turnbuckle, and he hits a moonsault to the outside right on top of Williams.

Williams grabs a foreign object, that looks like a brick, and he and Moore fight over it, and the ref ends up distracted. Williams is able to hit Moore with the brick, and he pins Moore, getting the three count.

Winner and STILL X Division Champion: Doug Williams

Williams grabs the mic and asks what makes Moore think he even deserved a shot at his belt. Williams is what the X Division should be, hold for hold, catch as catch can style wrestling. Williams says acrobats and high fliers belong in the circus with clowns, and that's what Shannon Moore is. Williams says he'll help Moore with his makeup, and he goes to the outside, where he grabs a woman's purse (obviously a plant). Williams uses lipstick to paint Moore's face for a bit, before simply heading to the back.

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