TNA Tag Team Title Match
Hernandez and Matt Morgan (c) vs. Beer Money Inc.

We get a video package highlighting the events leading up to this match, as well as the dissension going on between Morgan and Hernandez lately.

Morgan and Roode look to start things out for their teams, and we get the bell, this one's ready to start. Morgan tags out to Hernandez immediately, and they begin to argue. Hernandez and Roode lock up, and Super Mex backs up Roode into the corner, but he breaks clean. Roode hits a couple of boots, and turns things around, pounding on Hernandez in the corner. Roode tries for a cross body, but Hernandez catches him and puts him in powerbomb position. Roode fights out, but he walks into a shoulderblock. Roode is finally able to take Hernandez off his feet with a flying forearm, and Morgan tags himself in, saying 'watch me'.

Morgan hits Roode with a drop side slam, but not before jawing for a bit with his partner. Morgan tags back out, and Hernandez walks in, only to get a knee to the midsection. Roode tags in Storm, and he comes in and tries for a suplex on Hernandez, but Super Mex counters with a stalling vertical suplex that has Morgan yawning and checking his watch. Hernandez finally drops him after about 20 seconds. Hernandez goes for the tag, but Morgan says he'll tag in when he wants to. Hernandez turns around, and Morgan tags himself in. Morgan slams Storm face first into the turnbuckle, before posing in front of his opponent. Storm catches Morgan off guard, and tags in Roode, but Morgan is able to take out both members of BMI with a double cross body.

Morgan tags in Hernandez, who goes to work on Roode, hitting a big shoulder block that sends him to the outside. When Hernandez goes for a dive, Morgan blocks him and Storm comes in from behind with an enzugiri. Roode hits a neckbreaker, and BMI pound on Hernandez in the corner. Storm pulls off some of his wrist tape to choke out Hernandez. Storm hits a snap mare and goes right into the rear chin lock, but Hernandez is able to fight out, only to catch a knee to the back. Roode tags in and he hits a running clothesline in the corner on Hernandez, that causes Morgan to complain. Hernandez goes to the top rope, but Storm crotches him on the top rope. BMI hit a double team superplex on Hernandez.

Storm locks in a rear chin lock, but Hernandez fights out of it. Storm is able to connect with an inverted tornado DDT, but he can't keep Hernandez down for three. Hernandez is able to hit Storm with a big slingshot shoulderblock into the ring from the apron, and both men are down. Hernandez tries to crawl over to Morgan, and he's able to make the tag. Morgan comes in and goes to work on both members of BMI, hitting a big splash on Storm in the corner, and trying for a chokeslam on Roode, but hitting a big lariat when Roode fights out of it. Morgan tags Hernandez back in, and he immediately hits the big dive to the outside on Roode. Morgan calls Hernandez dumb and rolls him back into the ring, and the teammates continues to argue. Hernandez ducks a beer spit from Storm and it hits Morgan. Hernandez connects with the border toss, and he pins Roode, putting him down for the three.

Winners and STILL TNA Tag Team Champions: Matt Morgan and Hernandez

After the match, Morgan hits Hernandez with the carbon footprint, and he holds up both belts, leaving the ring and walking to the back with both.

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