-- Tonight's WWE show is a Supershow, so along with RAW, they will be taping SmackDown!, NXT, and WWE Superstars matches. Here is what is scheduled for tonight.

-- Variety has an article up on WWE business being up 5% this year.

-- Sky Sports recently interviewed John Cena, discussing him breaking into the business and the wild schedule that he keeps.

-- Slam Wrestling has an interview up with Maurice "Mad Dog" Vachon, discussing his induction into the WWE Hall of Fame.

-- Survival of the Hitman, the Fight Network's documentary on Bret Hart debuts tonight at 7PM. The documentary covers the recent years of Hart's life, including his WWE return.

-- For everyone not in Canada, the documentary will be released on YouTube tomorrow. You will be able to check it out at youtube.com/thefightnetwork

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