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The March 5th edition of WWE SmackDown! scored a 2.0 rating, with 3,123,000 viewers.

The March 20th edition of WWE AM RAW scored a 0.71 rating, with 786,000 viewers.

The March 22nd edition of TNA iMPACT! scored a 0.86 rating, with 1,173,000 viewers.

The March 22nd edition of WWE Monday Night RAW scored a 3.24 rating off of hours of 3.04 and 3.44. The show averaged 4,505,000 viewers.

As noted earlier, TNA writer Vince Russo claims that he personally reached out to Paul Heyman and tried getting him to join TNA. There's no time line given as to when Heyman was allegedly offered a job with TNA, but the book was published on January 22nd, 2010. It's also worth noting that a great deal has transpired in TNA since Vince Russo would have reached out to Paul Heyman. Just last week, Taz and Tommy Dreamer noted on Twitter that they had dinner with Paul Heyman and Brother Ray of Team 3D in New York. With the strong presence of ECW originals in TNA and the shaky power structure at the top of TNA, one has to wonder if guys like Taz, Brother Ray and RVD will make a stronger push to get Heyman into TNA.

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