-- SmackDown's Hart Dynasty faction recently spoke to Slam.Canoe.ca about Bret Hart's return to WWE. DH Smith said he doesn't know why their act hasn't appeared on camera with Bret, despite the family connections. "I think it would have made perfect sense," he said. "Why it didn't happen, I couldn't exactly tell you."

When asked whether they might work with Bret after his angle with Vince McMahon is over, Natalya said, "We really don't know any of those plans after Mania. In WWE, we go show to show, day to day. In our industry, WWE, it's always 'card is subject to change', whether it's injury or whatever. Things change by the day."

-- In his latest blog on the TNA website, Mick Foley commented on punching Bubba the Love Sponge in the face on Monday night during iMPACT!:

"I know some people will claim I hit him on purpose because of the Awesome Kong incident, but that is not the case. I spoke to Bubba the day after that deal, and told him how I felt about it, then had a chance to discuss it on Bubba's show and write about it on TNA's websit. So as far as I am concerned, there was no problem."

Foley punching Bubba the Love Sponge was planned, but Bubba posted a picture of himself with a black eye and bloody nose and a message that said Foley "misjudged" the punch and hit him too hard.

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