-- As noted last night, Bill Goldberg confirmed ongoing negotiations with WWE. The company has been excited by the successful return of Bret Hart to build to a Wrestlemania match, and it wouldn't surprise anyone if they brought Goldberg back to work a short-term angle. As we reported a few weeks ago, his name has already surfaced for next year's WWE hall of fame ceremonies in Atlanta. There is also talk internally about Goldberg hosting a future episode of Raw.

-- When asked which WWE Divas is the best performer on the roster, John Morrison adamantly answered Melina. He then criticized the other Divas as he feels the majority of them are unable to convey authentic emotion to the audience. "Melina is potentially the strongest character on the roster, with even more passion and emotion than a lot of the guys," Morrison said.

"A lot of the Divas can do some pretty impressive moves, but when I watch them I don't feel anything, I don't empathize with a lot of them. I don't think they understand what they're doing. But when I watch Melina, I get excited, or I feel sad, or I want to cheer. And I think that's the key to sports entertainment." Melina and Morrison are currently dating in real-life.

-- In a following video on WWE.com, The Bella Twins show off their personal art to the WWE Universe.

-- MonstersAndCritics.com interviewed Steve Austin about the release of Damage on DVD. He touched on leaving the wrestling business, stating the following… " When I left, I knew it was time to do something else. I was feeling like a million bucks years out of the ring. It was time to do something else physically. My body was telling me to get out of wrestling and be free of pain for ten years, then twenty years, like I am now. I've left it behind. I loved being in that wonderful part of my life."

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