The Arizona Republic ( has an interview up with former WWE wrestler Armando Estrada. He talks about the differences between wrestling and what he does now (working in the restaurant business), among other topics.

Due to the NCAA March Madness tournament, The Score will be airing WWE Vintage Collection at 10PM on Saturday, March 27th instead of 7PM.

Nick Fox sent this one in: Went to the Damage DVD signing with "Stone Cold" Steve Austin @ FYE in West Nyack, NY from 6-8pm today. I'd say all-in-all there were over 200 people. I got there at 5:10. Steve showed up around 6:10 with a huge pop from the crowd. When I met him @ 7:30, he was really nice and down to earth. You could tell he was having a good time connecting with the fans.

Steve Austin posted the following on his Twitter regarding his Damage DVD signing in West Nyack, NY yesterday. "THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! TO ALL OF THE PEOPLE WHO SHOWED UP AT WEST NYACK!!!! GREAT FRIENDLY EXCITED COURTEOUS CROWD. MY RESPECT AND HELL YEAH!! "

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