Jim Ross has posted a new blog on his website (JrsBarBQ.com) from Phoenix. Some highlights:

On Undertaker's condition: Saw Undertaker first thing Thursday night upon arriving at our hotel. He looks amazing...lean yet massive. The big man is ready I can assure you. We spent several minutes catching up and hope to talk again before Sunday. His words to me were motivating and much appreciated.

On Bret Hart: Caught up with Bret Hart at Starbucks here in the hotel this morning. Bret was very upbeat and was truly looking forward to his 'Mania match vs. Mr. McMadman. If Bret feels this good regarding Sunday, I'm looking forward to the conclusion of this 12+ year saga even more. For a guy that has gone through as much as Bret, he looks better than most guys half his age. I think we fans will really enjoy this legend's last bout come Sunday in the desert.

On his feelings going in to WrestleMania: This is a much different experience for me this year at 'Mania. I'm having a great time visiting with so many people that I haven't seen in too long. I'm not missing spending hours and hours preparing to broadcast the event as I've done in year's past. I'm not sure how I will feel/react come 'kickoff' time but the WM26 experience is one that has been memorable and significant for so many reasons.

Check out the full blog at JrsBarBQ.com

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