Eric Bischoff posted the following on his Twitter feed and Facebook page:

So according to reports, Vince McMahon, the guy who wanted to watch his son-in-law perform a sex act on a dead body, asked me to make out with his wife AND daughter, owns a boat called "Sexy b---h" and wanted to me to promote "Hot Lesbian Action" on his show considers TNA "tawdry"..come on Vince, you are a lot of things (and many that I admire) but don't be a hypocrite.

He then added the following:

In response to a well articualted point by member Ben Salmon, I think the real reason VKM reacted publically to TNA is the fact that in the "go home" week of his show, he LOST 1 MILLION VIEWERS going into his make or break PPV of the year. WWE's PPV business is getting slaughtered by UFC and ANY competition on Monday nights is only going to hurt. Thats why he's gone from "no sell VKM" to selling like an Avon Lady.

Well said Eric, well said.

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