-- As expected, it has been very busy here on the website. This will continue until late next week. Today and tomorrow are going to be very busy. It'll be even BUSIER on Monday and Tuesday following WrestleMania. Please check back in often for the latest updates! It's only going to get more nuts as we move closer and beyond WrestleMania 26 tomorrow night. Also, there is the UFC 111 pay-per-view + boxing on both Showtime (super six middleweight tourney) and HBO tonight. That means boxing/UFC head-to-head-to-head. It's a CRAZY night of fights. The WWE Hall of Fame (DiBiase/Hart inductions) also airs tonight at 11EST on the USA Network. Can it get anymore crazy?!? Then of course, you all know what tomorrow is. Then we have RAW on Monday and the SmackDown!/NXT tapings on Tuesday. We'll have UFC 111 coverage tonight, WrestleMania 26 coverage tomorrow night, RAW & iMPACT! coverage on Monday, and SmackDown! coverage on Tuesday. WZR Radio also airs on Tuesday night from 7-9EST! CHECK BACK IN OFTEN!!!

-- An interview with Steve Austin, discussing WWE's PG rating, having another match and more is available at slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Wrestling Austin notes: "It's another day and age. They've got young superstars to sell. Do I have a match left in me? Absolutely. Do I want to do one more? I don't know. I'm very content with leaving well enough alone. I don't want to be 90% of what Stone Cold was."

-- Former WWE referee Jimmy Korderas talks about becoming a referee, refereeing at WrestleMania and why he left WWE at slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Wrestling

-- ESPN has an interview up with Brock Lesnar, focusing on how Lesnar could face the winner of this Saturday's Frank Mir/Shane Carwin fight. When asked about Mir wishing death on him, Lesnar said all outside stuff is entertainment, and that he came from the "entertainment business." You can check out the interview at espn.go.com

-- Speaking of Lesnar, the winner of tonight's Shane Carwin vs. Frank Mir fight at UFC 111 will go on to face Brock as long as neither is seriously injured. We'll have FREE live UFC 111 results coverage at starting at 7EST tonight with the pre-lim fights.

-- WWE's crew and numerous contractors have been working for nearly two weeks to set up the WrestleMania set. It's pretty wild.

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