A second, more detailed report from Ring of Honor's second Phoenix show, courtesy Mike Johnson and PWInsider:

Ring of Honor held their second Wrestlemania weekend event on Saturday afternoon 3/27 at Phoenix College's North Gym.

Ricky Romero vs. Kenny Omega

Omega and Romero locked up and Omegas rode him to the mat with a waistlock. Romero escaped and they grappled back and forth until Omega escaped and they faced off. Romero was going after the arm Omega hurt yesterday. Omega nailed a dropkick and used a spinkick to knock Romero to the outside. He went for a dive but Romero springboarded off the ropes into a rana, sending Omega to the floor. Romero followed up with some strong kicks and mat work. Omega made a comeback and dropped Romero with a suplex. He nailed a sliding kick. Romero powered back with a series of strikes, backing Omega into the corner. Omega ducked and nailed him with big right. He nailed a rana on Romero. Omega went for an uranage but Romero turned it into a Lucha takedown, then hit a swinging DDT.

Romero began peppering Omega with kicks to the legs. Omega nailed a sliding kick to take out Romero. He leaped over Romero with a leapfrog and brought him down with a bulldog. Romero came back with a leaping knee in the corner. Omega went for a big boot but Romero caught him with a dragon screw legwhip. Omega came back with a series of back suplexes. Omega nailed a leg lariat. He went for a forward roll but Romero pancaked him out and locked in an anklelock. Omega fought for the ropes and finally made it.

Romero stomped him in the corner. Omega fought his way to the turnbuckles. Romero legsnapped him off the ropes. Omega went for small package and received a two count. He finally nailed Romero with a back suplex and bridged for the pin.

Your winner, Kenny Omega!

Good solid opening with some nice offense from both men. Romero really had a good showing this weekend.

Shawn Daivari vs. Human Tornado

Prince Nana took the mic and said that Daivari has something to say. Daivari said he was born and bred in Minnesota, so he's just as American as anyone else here, but he's not a lazy bastard like all the fans. The fans chanted "Welcome back." They locked up and Daivari overpowered him early. Daivari worked over Tornado's arm early. Tornado came back with an elbow that sent Daivari to the floor and a forward running flip over the ropes.

Tornado missed a splash off the ropes. Daivari worked him into the corner with shoulderblocks, then whipped Tornado into the buckles. Tornado tried to toss Daivari out but instead ended up tossed. When Tornado returned, Daivari locked in an abdominal stretch. Tornado escaped with a hiptoss. He and Daivari went back and forth before crashing in mid-air with bodypresses on each other. Tornado recovered first and unloaded with a series of punches. Daivari tried to dive at him in the corner but was kicked off. Tornado nailed the disco kicks in the corner.

Daivari finally covered Tornado and put his feet on the ropes for the pin.

Solid stuff.

Kevin Steen vs. Scott Lost

Steen attacked Lost before the bell. Lost made a comeback and Steen ended up outside. Lost went for a dive but Steen tripped him up and pulled him out. Steen beat Lost on the outside. He pulled Lost back in the ring and stomped him. He tossed Lost outside and ran for a dive, then stopped, slid out of the ring and punched Lost in the face. He whipped Lost into the corner. Steen missed a flip legdrop and Lost covered him for a two count. Lost came off the top for a bodypress but Steen caught him and nailed him with a driver.

Fans began to sing "Ole Ole" to mess with Steen. Lost rolled him up for a two count. Steen clobbered him and yelled at the crowd to stop distracting him. He began choking Lost but broke at the four count several times. Whne Lost did it back, Steen screamed and demanded a DQ. Steen kicked Lost in the back, then cinched in a chinlock. Steen whipped Lost in the corner but missed a splash. He nailed a Downward Spiral over the knees for a two count. Steen caught him with a great DDT for a two count.

The crowd started to get behind Steen, so he blew snot at the,. Lost drilled his knees into Steen's back. Steen came back with a swanton for a two count. Steen caught Lost with a superkick and went for the package piledriver but Lost escaped and hit a blitz of offense. He went for a rear kick but Steen avoided it and powerbombed him. Steen nailed the package piledriver and scored the pinfall.

Your winner, Kevin Steen!

Steen's work this weekend was awesome heel stuff. This was a really good competitive bout. In fact, it may have been too competitive considering Steen's strong push.

They announced Chris Hero was unable to wrestle. He was limping backstage.

Bison Smith & Joey Ryan & Claudio Castagnoli & Prince Nana vs. Necro Butcher & Briscoes & Skullkrusher Raschke Brown

Team Briscoes won a fun, crazy eight man that had way too much to even try to recap. Highlights however including Necro locking one of the heels in an abdominal stretch and using all of his partners and even a fan in the first row to get leverage and a comedy spot where Nana teased a dive after all the babyfaces hit big dives, only to find himself in the ring with Brown and freaked out.

During intermission, they made some fans dance in the ring to get free tickets for tonight's Total Extreme Comedy show.

Scorpio Sky vs. Kenny King

Sky worked over King early with armdrags and armbars. Sky used kicks to keep King off balance. King came back with an inverted atomic drop for a two count. King choked Sky in the ring using his boot. Sky used head scissors to send King to the floor and hit a huge flying dive over the ropes. King came back with a kick to the head and a series of suplexes. King missed a charge in the corner. Sky nailed a karate kick off the top, then drilled King with a sidewalk slam.

King hit a pumping kick on Sky for a two count. Sky smalled packaged him for a two count, Sky nailed a leap into a top rope frankensteiner for a two count. They battled atop the top rope. King was shoved off but landed on his feet and kicked Sky in the head. King nailed a DDT off the turnbuckles for a two count.

Your winner, Kenny King!


Steve Corino vs. Jerry Lynn

Corino took the mic and said that the fans should be chanting his name, not Jerry Lynn's. He said that while Lynn is one of the best wrestlers today, Corino is a legend. He said that not only is he a legend, but he's a nice guy. Corino said that he has a lot of respect for Lynn so he can transform Lynn like he did Kevin Steen. He said that in Los Angeles years ago, Lynn beat the hell out of him. Corino said he wants to return the favor tonight. Last night, Lynn's battle with Kenny King was excited and orgasmic. Fans began chanting boring. He said that while everyone else is destroying their bodies, they are veterans and the smart ones. He asks Lynn to forfeit so they can not have a bout. Lynn said that the match last night was his idea of a good time and asks Cary Silkin to make this match a hardcore match. Silkin agreed. Corino was mad and Lynn asks what was wrong. Corino tried to walk out, so Lynn called him a puss.

Corino went after Lynn but Jerry got the better of him and knocked him to the floor. They battled around the ring and back inside. Corino pitched Lynn back to the floor. He grabbed a piece of guard rail. Lynn drilled him with a steel chair. He slammed Corino into a railing, then grabbed a fan's cane. They continued to brawl around ringside. Lynn was busted open. Corino worked over Lynn with punches on the floor. Corino set up a chair in the corner but Lynn used a headscissor to slam him into it. They went back to the floor. Lynn tossed Corino into the crowd and did a running dive over the rail into a clothesline.

They battled in the crowd. Lynn dove off the hard camera platform onto Corino. They finally returned to the ring. Corino brought in a ladder. Lynn suplexed Corino onto the ladder for a two count. Lynn was whipped into the ladder but reversed it. Corino hit the ladder, which them collapsed on him. Lynn slammed it with a chair, then covered Corino for a two count. They began fencing with chairs. Lynn kicked Corino in the head for a two count.

Corino pulled a table into the ring as Lynn set up several chairs. Corino took him out and bridged a guard rail over the chairs. Lynn stomped Corino. Corino made a comeback and superplexed Lynn onto the railing. Lynn kicked up at two. Corino set up another table in the corner and tried to death valley driver Lynn through it. Lynn escaped and tackled Corino into it. Lynn went for the cradle piledriver but Kevin Steen came out and distracted him. Lynn rolled up Corino. Corino kicked out and sent Lynn flying into a Steen chairshot. Corino covered Lynn, who kicked out.

Corino went to the top but Lynn threw a chair at him. He nailed a twisting DDT for a two count. Lynn began painting his face with Corino's blood. Corino lowblowed him. El Generico's music hit and Generico hit a bit running boot on Corino. Lynn drilled Corino with the cradle piledriver and scored the pin.

Your winner, Jerry Lynn!

REALLY entertaining hardcore match. A nice little ECW style here.

El Generico & Colt Cabana vs. The American Wolves

Richards and Cabana went back and forth early. He maintained the early advantage and tagged in Generico. Generico nailed Edwards with a leg lariat. He and Cabana tagged in and out, working on Edwards. Generico and Edwards chopped each other back and forth. Edwards caught Generico with a kick to the head and the Wolves began working him over. Richards catapulted Generico into an Edwards punch. Edwards dropped a knee on Generico and locked on a single leg crab.

Generico fought his way out and made the hot tag to Cabana. Cabana nailed the flying a-hole on them. He clubbered each of the Wolves but they kicked him in the gut. He fought back with two elbows. Cabana suplexed Richards, who landed on his feet. Generico leaped off Richards' back to dive onto Edwards. Cabana nailed the butt butt on Richards. Richards began beating down Cabana but Generico hit the ring with a tornado DDT. Cabana covered Richards for a two count.

Edwards caught Cabana with a clothesline for a two count. He nailed a leaping kick to Cabana in the corner. Generico came off with a flying bodypress for a two count. The Wolves mauled Generico and got several near falls. They went back and forth until Cabana nailed an over the shoulder backbreaker for a two count. Richards and Cabana went back and forth with strikes and punches. Richards was brainbusted by Generico on the turnbuckle as Cabana forced Edwards to tap to the Billy Goat's Curse.

This was absolutely incredible. One hell of a fun back and forth match. ROH began an angle where El Generico and Kevin Steen finally faced off, but alas....

Unfortunately, due to needing to attend the WWE Hall of Fame and ROH running long, I missed the final two matches.

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