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-- In an interview with the Ottawa Sun, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin admits he "has one last match" in him. "I appeared (as a celebrity guest host) on Monday Night Raw to push the movie (Damage)," says Austin. "WWE has changed. It's a different climate, more of a PG image. They've cleaned it up a bit. For me to go back, I have to watch my Ps and Qs. It's another day and age. They've got young superstars to sell. Do I have a match left in me? Absolutely. Do I want to do one more? I don't know. I'm very content with leaving well enough alone. I don't want to be 90% of what Stone Cold was."

-- In today's wrestling birthdays, One Man Gang turns 50 years old while The Warlord turns 48. Today would have also marked as Umaga's 37th birthday and Curt Hennig's 52nd birthday.

-- While they weren't shown on TV last night, Ted DiBiase Jr. and his brother Brett did induct their father Ted Sr. into the WWE Hall of Fame.

-- As of this morning, there are still floor seats available for tonight's WrestleMania show.

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