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WWE Championship
Batista (c) vs. John Cena

Batista came out first. A United States Air Force drill team did a cool routine before Cena came out between the soldiers.

Both men locked up early with neither gaining a decisive advantage. Batista backed Cena into a corner, but the referee broke it up.

Early in the match Cena was able to gain the advantage and got Batista up for the AA, but Batista was able to counter it into a DDT. Cena looked like he got hurt legit, but he kicked out at two.

Later in the match Cena went for the five knuckle shuffle, but Batista was able to reverse it into a spinebuster. He then went for the Batista bomb, but Cena was able to drop Batista and lock in the STFU. Batista made the ropes to break up the hold and then hit a spear for a two count.

Batista then got Cena to the top rope for a superplex, but Cena held Batista's hands and turned it into a test of strength on the top rope. He then punched Batista and knocked him off of the top rope. Cena then hit the five knuckle shuffle from the top rope and went for the AA, but Batista was able to counter with a Batista bomb, but Cena kicked out at two!

Batista got Cena up and the two went through a series of reversals before Cena hit the AA, but Batista was able to kick out at two!

Cena climbed to the top rope and came off, but Batista turned it into a Batista bomb. He then picked Cena up for another Batista Bomb, but Cena was able to reverse it and lock in the STF and Batista eventually tapped. Great match, the best so far tonight.

Winner via submission (STF) and NEW WWE Champion: John Cena

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