Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

-- Of the celebrities in attendance at WresteMania, Manny Ramirez was the most talked about. Linda McMahon was in town for the weekend, and Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins was hanging around the hotel through the week.

-- As noted several times today, Rey Mysterio's ring entrance ran into a big issue during Wrestlemania 26 last night. According to a source, Mysterio was supposed to shoot out from under the stage, but the elevator that was being used didn't work. He ended up having to climb out from under the stage. It was covered up quite well by WWE during the PPV broadcast.

-- An interview with Ted DiBiase Jr. is available at Patrick Lennon, who did the interview and has done many others with wrestlers, described Ted as follows: "Ted radiates charm(in person) unlike some of his more insincere colleagues."

-- The new WWE comic book is described as "Very campy and over the top, like a b-movie horror flick mixed with WWE action. Some kind of crazy evil demon that appears to look like HHH killing people over time. Presumably leading to some kind of confrontation with Undertaker. Funniest thing is how its continuity is off from WWE storylines, as it appears Batista is a babyface and Edge is a heel."

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