Partial Source: The Pro Wrestling Torch Newsletter

The general feeling among those backstage in WWE is that Shawn Michaels is sincere about his retirement. The WrestleMania match and RAW farewell were the real deal. Keep in mind though that he never did rule out another match during his promo on Monday. They also called it a 'farewell' speech and not a 'retirement' speech.

While no one is ruling out the possibility of Michaels working a match or two down the line, many feel he truly believes right now that he worked his final match on Sunday.

During his farewell speech on RAW, he acknowledged there being a temptation to return to the ring but that he was going to do everything in his power to make sure it doesn't happen. With that being said, many feel he will ultimately give in and return for at least one more match.

We'll see what happens but as of right now he's taking an extended period of time off for sure.

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