Partial Source: PWInsider

-- WWE RAW's actual rating from Monday night was a 3.66, not a 3.68 as first reported. The show did hours of 3.53 and 3.79, and averaged 5.5 million viewers.

-- TNA iMPACT! scored a 0.62 rating with 877,000 viewers

-- This week's edition of WWE NXT will air again next week at 9PM, right before the new episode runs.

-- Eric sent this one along: Clark Duke was on Lopez Tonight and he talked about hosting Raw with George Lopez. Right away, George said how they are both big wrestling fans for life. Clark says he's not bragging but at Wrestlemania he and Rob had front row seats. It was the most incredible 48 hours of his life he said. They showed a clip of him and Rob talking on stage when the fans booed. He said he was surprised and a little hurt (laughed) about the fans booing him. He said he and Rob did not want to wrestle. Clark said he heard George was going to host Raw. George said he allegedly and may do it in when Raw is in Los Angeles in August. Clark said he will be their and said he was their for SummerSlam. Lopez said they should form a tag team. They shook hands about it.

-- Chris Mosher sent this one in: Just wanted to pass along that on tonight's Jeopardy, a category called "The Incredible Hulks" featured large, bulky athletes. Alex gave a clue as they put a photo of the person on the screen. In addition to golfer John Daly, correct answers included Andre the Giant, WrestleMania 21 participant Akebono, WWE Hall of Famer William "Refrigerator" Perry and George Foreman, who seconded Hulk Hogan during his WCW at Bash at the Beach '94.

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