-- WWE Magazine conducted a "Twitterview" with Dolph Ziggler on the social networking site as he answered questions regarding Shawn Michaels' retirement, WrestleMania, his hair, Simpsons, and much more. When asked to give his pick to win NXT, he selected Heath Slater. It's worth noting that during his response, he referred to David Otunga with the following: "And the one guy is simply here because he dates some chick that's in magazines, he's not even in the Diva's league." Regarding Michaels' retirement, he compared it to the last episode of Seinfeld. "You don't want it to end, and no matter how amazing and mindblowing it is, you don't want it to end," Ziggler said. "It still doesn't seem like he's gone, WWE has lost the greatest superstar ever, and a lot of guys, including me, have lost a great mind. I went out into the arena floor for that match, and it was amazing! He went out like no one else could or ever will!" To read the interview in its entirety, visit NickNemeth.net.

-- SPOILER WARNING!: WWE announced yesterday a triple threat dark match for the May 25th SmackDown! taping, with Jack Swagger vs. Edge vs. Chris Jericho. Speculation is that the Edge-Jericho feud will continue with Swagger involved. Also advertised for the show are The Undertaker (who was expected to take time off after WrestleMania) and The Great Khali (who is now taking some time off). Khali's knee's have also been in rough shape for quite some time now.

-- Republican Senate candidate Linda McMahon has resigned from the Connecticut state Board of Education. McMahon resigned due to a new legal opinion by state elections officials that restricts political activities by board members. McMahon served on the board for a little over a year.

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