Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Hulk Hogan was described as being in a tremendous amount of pain after the TNA iMPACT! TV tapings in Orlando several weeks ago. Hogan was said to have been icing his back for a long time and that is just after only taking a few bumps and being fairly protected in the ring. As of now he isn't expected to wrestle again anytime soon for TNA, but plans can always change.

There was said to be a collective groan among a large group of wrestlers and TNA personnel watching iMPACT! on the backstage monitor when Eric Young interrupted Rob Van Dam and Jeff Hardy's post-match celebration. The "unanimous opinion" was that Young killed the moment due to the fact that he's nowhere near the level of Van Dam and Hardy. While everyone describes "EY" as a nice guy, the feeling is he's been given so much television time over the years due to his friendship with the company's power players.

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