-- Can anyone believe that tonight is the start of the MLB season? Yankees vs. Red Sox on ESPN2 right now!

-- Fox News has picked up an article by The Sun regarding the passing of former WCW and WWE star Chris Kanyon (Chris Klucsaritis).

-- Mick Foley has a new blog up on his official MySpace page where he talks about the passing of Chris Kanyon. "I felt like Kanyon had the potential to be among the best workers in the business. I once heard a great Tony Schiavoni call, something along the lines of "he's the best in the business, and he's going to destroy this kid." It didn't seem like wrestling hyperbole to me either - more a genuine reaction to watching one of the best at the top of his game. I enjoyed watching him in the ring, wondering what new gem he might debut that would be stolen overnight and given new life with another company. I last saw Chris at Wrestlemania in 2004. I may have seen him once since then. He looked good, but talked about packing it in, calling it a career. I never knew of his struggles; the bipolar disorder, the pressure of keeping his sexuality secret for so many years. I had a small mention about Kanyon in my upcoming book. A few weeks ago, in my agents office, I asked if I could tweak the story just a little to make sure it didn't come off as mean. Now, I'll have to lose it altogether. I wish he was still in the book. I wish he was still with us in this great big dysfunctional wrestling family. I wish him well in his next great adventure. Kanyon unfortunately, was a guy who gave alot more to wrestling than wrestling ever gave him back."

-- To follow up on earlier reports regarding The Nasty Boys being released by TNA, we can also report that the release also had to do with a disciplinary matter involving Brian Knobbs. Knobbs was said to be acting up at a TNA gathering and upset some people as a result where Spike TV representatives were present.

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