Jim Ross has posted a new blog entry, here are the highlights…

On The Hart And Soul DVD: Several weeks ago I got an advance copy of the new, WWE DVD, 'Hart and Soul' and I can easily and honestly say it is one of the better productions that WWE Home Video has ever produced. It has some awesome photos, footage, and interviews on it and is a 'highly recommend' for all fans.

On Raw Guest Hosts: Some wrestling internet sites in their never ending saga of creating provocative headlines said that I did not like the Raw Guest Host concept. I have written here many times that I thought that more often than not the Guest Host biz got WWE additional publicity from sources that normally wouldn't mention wrestling unless there was a death or a legal issue. In that respect it is a good idea. My thoughts are simple on this matter....hosts that are fans to some degree usually do better than others and that the General Manager role, or traditional authority figure role on TV wrestling shows, seems to have played its course. I am not a candidate for such role for a variety of reasons the most being that I think that I would fail at it.

On Kerry Von Erich: Another asked if I thought that if personal issues had not reared their ugly head would Kerry Von Erich had been a bigger star in WWE than Bret Hart. Quite simply, no. KVE had immense charisma and the classic and highly sought after 80's look but he was never close to Hitman as far as reliability, aptitude or in ring skills. Few men ever in the biz have been better at telling an in ring story as Bret Hart.

On Too Much Too Soon: Others want to know if I think it is wrong that some young talents, IE Jack Swagger, Sheamus, etc are getting too much too soon. There is no magical formula or magic wand one can wave over the head of a young wrestler to guarantee their success. I do know this, the business has to get younger and WWE, at least, is attempting to do that which means they are keeping an eye on their long term growth. No one knows what young talent will or will not make it but if they aren't given the opportunity it's obvious that they will never get to the Promised Land. I applaud wrestling promotions for providing opportunity for young wrestlers as no one can accurately and definitively way when some one is 'ready.' My theory is to get them fundamentally sound, motivated, and throw them in the game and see if they can play.

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