Jim Ross has a new blog entry up at JrsBarBQ.com, here are the highlights…

On Goldberg: I read on the 'net where Goldberg says he might be interested in performing one more pro match next year in Atlanta at WM27. I speculated on this matter several weeks ago and it is still all speculation but Goldberg going into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2011 and then having a 'retirement match' seems like a viable idea to me. I know that I would want to see Bill Goldberg's last match on PPV. Again, this is pure speculation but it makes for interesting discussion. Goldberg is a 'jock' at heart and stays in good shape which would allow him to pull off a solid bout in the Georgia Dome.

On Travel In Mid-South: Emailers asked about the travel/work schedule in the Mid South Territory and it was challenging without question as an average week of driving was somewhere around 1500-2000 miles. Many wrestlers worked 7 days a week and sometimes twice on Sundays. In those days, wrestlers only got paid when they worked so most guys wanted to work as much as possible to maximize their incomes. Over the years, some Mid South alums, like most older wrestlers, embellish the amount of time that they were on the road to extraordinary levels such as "I worked 180 days in a row and wore out two cars" type stuff. Back then if guys weren't booked they b---hed and now, years later, some complain about how much that they had to work not to mention that they were always 'under paid.'

On Politics And Religion In Wrestling: Yes, to answer another deleted question, I did enjoy listening to Josh Mathews and Michael Cole on NXT this week. I did not get to see the show Tuesday night but I did watch it on DVR. I liked their banter and competitive nature along with their contrasting opinions. When not overdone, that sort of commentary can definitely enhance a show. I can recall some horrid WCW shows that Paul Heyman and I broadcast back in the day that we both felt were made better by our on air bickering which gave the viewer something to enjoy other than what they were being subjected to on their TV screen. Paul and I more ofter than not brought out the best in each other on the air while working with Heyman was always creatively stimulating for me.

On Steve Austin: Steve Austin is trying to adjust his schedule to attend the CAC Banquet on April 21 in Vegas. Nothing is firmed up but I personally and sincerely appreciate Steve for doing all he can to try and make the banquet when he is staying as busy as a fruit merchant. Have you bought "Damage" yet on DVD? If you like kick ass, action adventure films and want to see Stone Cold in some awesome fight scenes, then get the DVD. Many of you have written us and expressed how much you enjoyed it as did we.

Be sure to check out the full blog at JrsBarBQ.com These are always great reads. Order some BBQ sauce while you're there! It's freakin' amazing.

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