Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

About a month ago, Vince McMahon lifted the ban on a few things. The announcers are now allowed to call the officials by name, the word wrestling (pro wrestling) is no longer banned and as seen on NXT they are now allowed to mention the indy wrestling scene as well as things like Twitter and Facebook. Most people credit this to Vince's good mood heading into Wrestlemania but as quickly as these things were unbanned they could all become banned again at anytime especially now that we're moving past WrestleMania.

One thing not unbanned is the use of blood and once again a match was delayed due to blood on Superstars recently. Chavo had a minor cut on his head in his match with Kofi and the official delayed the match to take care of it. The fans were not happy and the announcers tried to make excuses as to why this was being done. Michael Cole stated that if Chavo were to get blood in his eyes he could go blind. This also happened to Edge recently during a SmackDown! taping.

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