Jim Ross has yet another new blog up on his website (http://www.jrsbarbq.com). Some highlights:

On Jack Swagger: Someone emailed us and made a somewhat stiff comparison of Jack Swagger to Kurt Angle based on their wrestling attire saying that Swagger copied Angle's ring wear, etc and how that was LOL funny. The two gifted athletes certainly are similar in many ways but Angle wasn't the first amateur turned pro who wrestled in a singlet. I recall Dr. Death wrestling in a singlet in the early 80's for example. Nonetheless the better point to make is that I hope that Jack Swagger can become as accomplished in the ring as Kurt Angle. Kurt Angle is an amazing in ring warrior and Swagger has a similar, athletic skill set that is still evolving.

On number of titles equating to skill: BTW...another point on titles equating to greatness. Don't get sucked in to the business that the number of titles won automatically makes a wrestler great. Yes, Ric Flair is a 16 time (at least) champion and he's a legend. However, Shawn Michaels won far fewer world titles than did 'Naitch' but HBK is also on the Flair, legend level. Jack Brisco never won a zillion NWA Titles but I'll match Jack Brisco bell to bell with any pro wrestler in history. Bottom line is that some of our emailers feel that a wrestler winning a specific number of titles automatically equates to greatness and I am not of that opinion. If it was just on raw numbers alone, perhaps Jerry Lawler is the greatest wrestler to ever live if we simply want to go on the math. Do you know how many titles my pal the King has won in his career? Google it. It's freakish.

On Gentleman Chris Adams in the Hall of Fame: Someone wanted to know if I thought Gentleman Chris Adams would ever go in the WWE HOF. Beats me but if I had a vote he wouldn't get it. Chris had talent and was a star for a time in World Class without question. Some could also argue that the best thing that Adams ever did was to teach Steve Austin the ropes back in the day. However, a guy who had a history of battering women won't get my vote...if I had one. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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