Bill Goldberg did an interview recently, he responded to rumors about his future: There are reports or you going back to the WWE and Hogan said you might join the TNA. Hulk Hogan's full of crap, first of all. And me talking to WWE is all about a mechanizing deal . . . Could it lead to something else? Well, WrestleMania's in Atlanta next year. Between Hogan and I, we put 42,000 people in the seats there. Who knows, man? You never say never, but I'm 43 and I sure as hell ain't looking to get back in the ring again.

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The Miz will appear on kid's TV show Blue Peter in the UK on April 13th. The show airs on BBC One at 4:35PM.

WWE and 7-11 are teaming up again this year to promote SummerSlam.

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