-- Despite being advertised, Triple H has still not yet appeared on WWE's ongoing tour of Europe. "The Game" missed another show last night in Dublin, Ireland. As we noted yesterday here on the website Triple H is currently dealing with a neck injury, thus explaining why he's not on the tour. He's expected to miss several upcoming live events in the United States as well.

-- Speaking to The Sun, Maria Kanellis opens up on her release from World Wrestling Entertainment, the inspiration behind her music, how she was offered a role on Celebrity Apprentice, and more. Maria, who was once in a relationship with CM Punk, said he inspired her to write some of her songs. "I had so many different inspirations. I dated a guy who completely broke my heart and so I used that as inspiration to start with the lyrics," Kanellis wrote. "I'm a very creative person. Writing lyrics has always been something I could focus on." Elsewhere, Maria feels her fellow female wrestlers in WWE are undervalued and not given adequate time and space to shine. m

-- Former TNA star Christopher Daniels is now accepting independent bookings as Curry Man. Daniels be wrestling as Curry Man at the upcoming Chikara King of Trios tournament in Philadelphia.

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