Jim Ross has a new blog entry up at JrsBarBQ.com, here are the highlights…

On Anderson Silva: Speaking of being a pro, I am assuming that's the issue regarding UFC and Anderson Silva who stopped, seemingly, from giving any extra effort in the last half of his fight from Abu Dhabi Saturday. Who got cheated? That would be the fans who paid good, hard earned money to see both fighters give 100%. Anderson Silva is too good not to crank it up and to not fight just good enough to stay out of trouble or to coast.

On The Miz: Yes, Miz has some Rowdy Roddy Piper qualities about him and is an ever developing antagonist inside the wrestling ring. Miz has natural qualities that make him easy to dislike which any wrestling villain is well served to have as long as it's in a natural, organic way. I'm not saying that Miz will be the next Piper but I hope that Miz becomes a success by utilizing his own, individual style.

On The New Monday Night "Wars": Is any one else bored talking about the alleged Monday night 'wrestling wars?" I have tapped on this subject as I don't know what more there is to say about it in this particular forum. We've firmly established that competition is good for any business and that Raw is starting this 'race' with a huge head start. My take is let's see how it all plays out over time. The fans will eventually judge what they want to see, what they like, and what they feel is absurd or eye rolling content. On this tattered subject, I remain steadfast that getting young in a strategic manner and utilizing long term planning is essential.

On Crockett Buying The UFW: Yes...when Jim Crockett Promotions bought the UWF and IF they had kept the brands separate and with some degree of Parity then both brands could have done well. Not to mention the potential of a great, annual PPV pitting brand vs. brand. Nonetheless we will never know as UWF was essentially neutered not long after it was bought via mismanagement and near sighted, creative planning. In this unnecessary failure, the two of the strongest weapons in pro wrestling reared their ugly heads, ego and the eraser. The failure to build new stars on both NWA and UWF brands, to put the company before all else, and to eliminate egocentric decision making basically destroyed what could have potentially been a great concept.

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