On Twitter, multi-time champion Melina posted a few strongly worded messages concerning Eve Torres' Divas title opportunity on Monday's RAW. Notably, Melina said she didn't want to see the title "get lost on someone who can't bring attention or validity to it." While initially she didn't mention Eve by name, she specified the 2007 Diva Search winner following her championship victory on Monday, adding that she got cheated out of the special moment one consumes after taking time to reach such a noted accomplishment.

Here is what Melina wrote:

"My 984th Tweet will be about Maryse. Other reasons I want her to win. Not only is she the most experienced out of the two but she is the most charismatic one. She is entertaining in her own right and puts focus on the championship. The title will get lost on someone who can't bring attention or validity to it. She is a good heel. She can sneak or cheat to win. Her ways of winning the title without earning it makes it worth something bcuz it shows that the championship is so important a person is willing to lie, cheat and steal!!! In turn it makes you want to see a babyface knock her teeth in and win it the way you should, by wrestling!!! You earn that championship, by Maryse constantly cheating or finaggling her way to retain it, she makes a Baby fight for it and in a different way, earn it. Good for her. Make that title mean something girl! Please!

"I still stand by what I say. Back in the Trish/Lita/Jazz era, the women earned the title and fought for it. It meant so much. Women looked at them and wanted to be as great as them. It shouldn't be about taking turns on who gets to put in on this week. It should be about who earned it and who brings credibility to it. I still wish it could have been Jillian, Katie or Gail to have that opportunity. All I wanted was to start a new era. To make those women proud to see we were keeping it alive.

"Just to make sure everyone understands, I think Eve is an up and coming talent. She has potential like many of our Divas. Like many of our Divas, they deserve a better title moment than that. With a good chase and a good build up. Maybe you need to be a wrestler to know that feeling but, it's an incredible feeling when you have reached such an honor. Where it took time and you invested so much to reach that moment/ that level. She got cheated out of that. No one understands that. Good for her. Be good to your heels, they make you who you are... As a former heel, I know. Do your thing chica."

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