Eric Bischoff was asked about Jim Cornette's recent death threats towards Vince Russo on his Facebook page. Here is what he had to say (unedited):

Fan: Cornette knows this business and is quite inteligent but either he's suffering from dimentia or he has realized that he has burned every viable bridge and has become desperate to get over using the "shock" approach. It comes off as pathetic. If that's how you feel then keep it to yourself. Mr. Tayler really had no choice in this matter. Heaven forbid if Mr. Russo would have been murdered (by Cornette or anybody else) then Mr. Tayler could have been in a lot of hot water.

Bischoff: Cornette doesn't know any business. He is a low rent con man that is only good at gaining the attention of the internet wrestling community. He's all yours! Trust me, he never has nor ever will become a part of a meaningful national promotion. But if you are looking for a bootleg dvd or a fake autograph....hes your guy!

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