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With many European airports closed due to the recent volcano eruption in Iceland, the WWE European tour will continue as scheduled but both the RAW and SmackDown! crews will travel via bus. This obviously means much longer travel time.

Markus Groneman sent this along: Even though both The Miz and Matt Hardy twittered about the Raw crew would be traveling almost 24 hours straight to make Leivin from Strasbourg today, the trip is actually only 330 miles. Miz later twittered it was a six hour bus ride. Getting to Belfast tomorrow is going to be hell, though. They probably have to take a bus to Calais, a ferry to Dover or a sub-alantic train, and then get from the Southeast to Northwest, so this sounds like a minimum of 13 hours of travel. Smackdown has a 470 mile trip from Hannover to Zurich today, then 180 miles to Innsbruck on Saturday. If things don't clear up, and the hope is that they will by then, getting to Istanbul from Innsbruck on Sunday is going to be almost impossible without flying. If the volcano keeps sputtering ashes, getting the Raw crew out of Belfast to New York is going to be touch-and-go. They may have to shuttle them back to the European mainland and fly them to New York from there. Anyway, unless the volcano lets up, they are in for one of those trips they can tell their grandkids about but is no fun while it's going on.

Stuart sent this along: Just to let you know that every airport in the UK is shut down due to this volcano issue. Most other mainland European countries are now closing as well. I just flew back to Glasgow from London on Tuesday after being at the Raw tapings so I am pretty relieved to have got home. If any fans have travelled to Europe to see events they might be in big trouble as they are saying on our news as that since this is "an act of God" insurance companies won't pay out for a lot of things.

The Miz posted the following on his Twitter, regarding WWE's travel issues through Europe, due to the recent volcano eruption in Iceland… "Just got done in leiven, france have a 2 hour bus ride then hour ferry ride then 7 hour bus ride then another ferry ride then 3 hour bus ride to make it to the belfast show tomorrow. All of its nonstop sleeps overrated anyway. Raw crew is awesome. Oh I forgot to mention the 6 hour bus ride before the show in leiven, france. due to air fields being shut down by a volcano that's a 1st"

Chavo Guerrero offered the following… "The Volcano threw us a curve ball, but we made the show in Levin(thanks to police escorts)& somehow we'll make the show Belfast!"

And finally, here are Matt Hardy's comments … "Although apparently we're much better off than the Raw crew, who have almost 24 hours of straight travel ahead of them. Bless their hearts!"

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