Jim Ross has a new blog entry up at JRSBARBQ.com, here are the highlights…

On The Passing Of Gene Kiniski: The great Gene Kiniski passed away from cancer this week and the business lost one of its all time greats and a true pioneer who had a dominating career in the ring. 'Canada's Greatest Athlete' had an awesome motor and was an aggressive, athletic big man who stood 6'5"-270 pounds. The former college and CFL football player turned pro wrestler was NWA Champion from 1966-69 and won the title from the truly immortal Lou Thesz in St. Louis. Beating Thesz in Lou's home town was no small task. 'Big Thunder' could be described as relentless, intense, and aggressive and his cardio was beyond reproach. I loved the few times that I got to visit with the colorful Kiniski who was a skilled verbalizer and an entertaining man to have a beer with and engage in conversation about a variety of topics. Gene Kiniski will be missed and I send my family's heartfelt condolences to Gene's family and friends. Thanks, Gene, for making wrestling better for all of us who followed you.

On Scaffold Matches: Someone asked me if the famous, Scaffold Match pitting the LOD vs. the Midnight Express was the first 'extreme' wrestling match and it obviously wasn't. Violence and blood have been around the wrestling biz for years and years. I even remember in UWF a 20 man, First Blood Battle Royal, where 19 men had to bleed in order for a winner to be declared. In this match, when you bled you were eliminated. That's just a little bit too much Wild West for the Cleaver's.

On Jim Cornette's Tirade: Jim Cornette's recent comments regarding his personal feelings on Vince Russo are regrettable and unfortunate. I am sad that this turn of events occurred and wish that they hadn't. Corney has always had a helluva temper and is an emotional guy but it seems that this time he allowed his emotions to get the better of him. For his own good, my suggestion would be for Jim to simply enjoy the many projects that he is working on, his happy home life and his rewarding, Ring of Honor work and let his lingering animosity toward Vince Russo go. I've known JC for well over 25 years and will remain his friend but for his own good he needs to 'let it go' and focus on all the good things in his life. Take it from someone who has been there as it relates to anger and hurt feelings.

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