Jim Cornette issued the following comments in regards to Eric Bischoff's comments on Facebook…

Eric continues to wound my sensitive feelings--so I feel I must rebut his facebook comments point by point.

It WAS real tough to look at myself in the mirror while working for the same company as Vince Russo, but with that out of my life I believe I am a darn good-looking guy.

I recently went on a low-carb diet, and with the advent of Sprite Zero I'm down to 231 pounds.

Everyone in the world except Easy E knows I don't eat Big Macs, they're far inferior to Wendy's Triple Cheeses.

The only confidential corporate information yet to be revealed about TNA is how much Eric and Hogan soaked Dixie for when they played her, and whether Jason Hervey is getting Eric's Midget Wrestling title.

Lastly, I never criticized TNA's efforts or success since there's no evidence they have ever legitimately made the former or achieved the latter. I think Eric is jealous of the fact that I don't have to do as he does and continue to work alongside and/or kiss the ass of people who have sued him, blamed him for the death of WCW, or taken him down in a locker room and roughed him up with no rebuttal. That kind of thing can make you bitter, Eric, perhaps counseling could help.

Don't knock the IWC, E, keep producing programs like Impact and that "5%" will look like the ratings for the moon landing.

Jim Cornette

Note from Ryan Clark: Calm down now, kids. :)

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