According to The Irish Times, "The Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) has extended the closure of Irish airspace until 1pm tomorrow due to the deterioration in conditions caused by ash from an Icelandic volcano." The situation is due to be re-evaluated tomorrow.

The RAW roster is in Belfast right now for a show tonight, and plans on using a charter flight to get back to the States for Monday. If the ash gets worse, that may not be possible. It remains to be seen what contingency is in place if the roster is not able to get back.

The Miz was asked via Twitter if he thought he'd get back to the US in time for RAW. his reply: "Not lookin good. Of everything to stop us a volcano really? time will tell.." Miz later said that he thought he would be stranded in Europe.

The Associated Press has an article on the effects of the volcano on the entertainment industry. A WWE spokesman reiterated in the article that the company would charter a flight if possible.

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