Jim Ross has posted another blog, which you can read at JRSBARBQ.com. Some highlights:

On the smaller number of wrestling fans today: Another emailer asked where many of the wrestling fans have gone as it relates to various TV ratings data, etc. I'm not privy to the market research that's available that tracks displaced wrestling fans but it's obvious that many pro wrestling fans are now watching MMA or other programming of which there are endless options. The bottom line, without going into a bunch of psycho babble, is that if any TV product ceases to be what the target audience wants to see then the audience leaves and samples of forms of programming. There are simply too many options to view in today's world unlike in the day when there were only three or four stations in a local market and no cable. Between digital cable and DirecTV the Ross' must get 300 or more channels in our household.

On Jim Cornette: Jim Cornette's recent comments regarding his personal feelings on Vince Russo are regrettable and unfortunate. I am sad that this turn of events occurred and wish that they hadn't. Corney has always had a helluva temper and is an emotional guy but it seems that this time he allowed his emotions to get the better of him. For his own good, my suggestion would be for Jim to simply enjoy the many projects that he is working on, his happy home life and his rewarding, Ring of Honor work and let his lingering animosity toward Vince Russo go. I've known JC for well over 25 years and will remain his friend but for his own good he needs to 'let it go' and focus on all the good things in his life. Take it from someone who has been there as it relates to anger and hurt feelings.

On Paul Heyman: I spoke to Paul Heyman this week to get some pointers on content for my, potential, book concept. Paul is presently writing two books including one that includes Paul's career and, more importantly, his family. This includes the amazing story of Paul's mother's journey that included narrowly avoiding losing her life in a Nazi concentration camp. Her mother and sister were not so fortunate.

On the travel troubles: WWE talents got in travel hell in Europe due to volcanic ash. Mother Nature never loses and can make even the most ardent traveler tap. There will be some weary folks that will arrive back in the States over the next several hours and then be asked to turn it on Monday night and Tuesday night at WWE televised events. As always, once the red light goes on most talents forget their jet lag, etc and allow their adrenaline to take over.

On Vader: Yours truly enjoyed a nice visit and a great dinner with Big Van Vader aka Leon White and his son Jesse White at JR's BBQ Friday night. Vader has really made some significant changes in his life including becoming a Born Again Christian and dropping about 60 pounds or so. Leon is still a big man but at 340 he looks great for a guy who still wants to occasionally step in the ring. He's training differently and certainly eating differently these days. Some indy promoters, etc may be missing some unique opportunities by not using Big Van Vader on selected cards with the right creative around him.

Vader and Jesse will be teaming in Tokyo later in April which I am anxious to see a DVD of when possible. Jesse came to Oklahoma University as a big time high school football center, #1 in America, but injured his hip while at close to 300 pounds. That injury ended Jesse's football career. Jesse is now a month away from graduating and weighs approximately 235 and looks terrific. His hip issues were largely resolved after he dropped the excess pounds. Jesse turns 24 on Monday and has a bright future in the wrestling business of which we throughly discussed.

For those keeping score at home, Leon had a Tabasco Chicken Salad and smoked chicken soft tacos and pinto beans at our place, with no cold beer, and no fried pie for desert.

Vader and Jesse are teaming at a small, Oklahoma indy show on Sunday afternoon.

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