Update: Mickie James tweeted again: Taking off.... Usa here we come! Xoxo

Not much change for the RAW roster. British Airways and Ryan Air have cancelled all flights through Monday. Irish airspace is closed until at least 1PM tomorrow. More as we get it.

Original: Mickie James just tweeted: the following:

Just got to the airport here in madrid. Phones been dead for hours now... Wow? U don't realize how dependent u r to it until u don't have it... But then again... It was quite peaceful... Time with my thoughts... Reflection is always a good thing... Sometimes u just gotta roll with the punches... "What did u say to the kid Rock? Its not how hard u hit... Its how hard u get hit... And get back up"

Flights are currently able to leave Madrid to US destinations, which would leave the SmackDown! roster in a better position to get home than the RAW roster, despite being further away. WWE has told the IZOD Centre that the building is still needed for RAW on Monday, and at this point it is possible that the SmackDown talent may cover the show if the RAW talent can't get there. Sources are also saying that if the RAW workers are stuck in Belfast, we should expect taped or even satellite appearances from the wrestlers on the show.

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