-- In Florida last night, Jon Moxley won a Southern Rumble one-night tournament to win the vacant FIP championship. The title was stripped from Davey Richards.

-- Vince and Shane McMahon were spotted together at the New York Yankees game yesterday, and were shown on screen during the game. It's always good to see a father and son attend a ball game together.

-- Former WWE and ECW wrestler The Blue Meanie was shown on screen at the Philadelphia Phillies game on Friday, doing his trademark dance.

-- Last night's episode of WWE Vintage Collection featured matches from a Madison Square Garden event in October 1986. They were:

* The Dynamite Kid vs. Jim Neidhart
* Haku vs. Nikolai Volkoff
* Bret Hart vs. Raymond Rougeau
* Davey Boy Smith vs. Greg Valentine
* Tag Team Battle Royal

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