TNA Lockdown Opener:

We get an opening video that hypes the fact that every match tonight will be taking place inside a steel cage. We get a nice montage that includes several different wrestlers thoughts on the steel cage.

The pyro hits, and Tenay welcomes us to the show. He and Taz immediately begin hyping the TNA World Title match between Pope and AJ, as well as the Lethal Lockdown match between Team Hogan and Team Flair.

Tenay and Taz break some news, letting us know that Douglas Williams has been grounded in the UK due to the volcano eruption going on in Iceland. As such, he has been stripped of his title.

In other news, Syxx Pac has no showed the event, and Eric Bischoff is supposedly not here either.

Rob Van Dam vs. James Storm Update

RVD's music hits, and he makes his way down to the ring to represent Team Hogan in this match, that will determine who gets the advantage in the Lethal Lockdown match later tonight. Van Dam gets a nice big pop on his way out. James Storm is out next, representing Team Flair, he's a bit delayed getting out of the tunnel.

Storm is slow to get in to the cage, so RVD hits a baseball slide, sending the cage door into Storm's face. RVD goes to the outside to take the fight to Storm. He slams his head into the side of the cage, and poses for the crowd before attacking Storm with a series of forearms. RVD hits a stiff kick, and follows it up with a front suplex hanging Storm up on the barricade. RVD climbs up the side of the cage, and leaps off with a huge leg drop on Storm.

RVD continues the punishment on Storm with a series of forearms, but when he tries to slam Storm's head into the steel steps, Storm blocks it and reverses. RVD fights back and he sends Storm into the ring and this one officially starts. RVD is busted open. Van Dam hits a spinning back kick charging into the corner at Storm, he kicks away at Storm, before choking him with his boot and kicking at him in the corner.

RVD hits an inverted atomic drop, and he hangs Storm up crotch first on the top rope. RVD climbs to the top rope himself, and launches himself at Storm with a big single leg drop kick. RVD goes for the pin but only gets two. RVD pounds on Storm in the corner, hitting ten quick punches, and he sends Storm across the ring, trying for a crazy somersault dropkick, but Storm avoids it and hits a big neckbreaker. Storm rains down on RVD with a bunch of right hands before locking in a rear chin lock.

RVD starts to fight out of it, but Storm retaliates with a clothesline that sends RVD over the ropes and into the cage. Storm hits a big boot, and he goes to work, ripping at RVD's forehead. Another rear chin lock, and RVD fights out again, coming back with a spin kick this time and both men are down.

Both men are back up and they trade blows in the middle of the ring with RVD getting the advantage with some low kicks and a couple of clotheslines. RVD sends Storm face first into the cage wall before hitting a front slam and split legged moonsault. RVD goes for the pin but Storm kicks out at two. RVD picks Storm up but he eats a jawbreaker. Storm downs some beer, distracts Hebner, spits it in RVD's face, hits a big DDT, and goes for the pin but RVD kicks out!

Storm teases the Last Call, but RVD ducks it, tries for a kick of his own, Storm ducks, but RVD comes back with a step over back kick. RVD connects with the five star frog splash from the top rope, rolls into the cover, and gets the three count, gaining the man advantage for his team later tonight.

Winner: Rob Van Dam

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