Christy Hemme is backstage with Hulk Hogan. Hogan says it's not exactly a bright sunny day, his team has been doing pretty bad lately. Hardy has been dropped twice by Sting. BMI is running wild. Desmond Wolfe not only hit Abyss with a fire extinguisher, but he also tried to run him over with a car. But tonight, Team Hogan is going to go out and tear down the house, and leave their mark. Hogan says just the simple fact that RVD won tonight means they've got a bit of momentum. He says he knows Flair is on his game, and if Team Flair wins tonight, he says it might be time to pack his bags and walk away. Hogan says if Team Flair destroys Team Hogan, there's nothing left for his guys. On the subject of Bischoff, Hogan says he's got enough on his plate, Eric will do what he wants to do and Hogan is over it.

XScape Match
Homicide vs. Brian Kendrick vs. Alex Shelley vs. Chris Sabin

This is part of the reshuffling of the card tonight, and whoever wins here, by escaping the cage, will earn the vacant spot in the X Division Title three way match later tonight where a new champion will be crowned.

Homicide is out first to a bit of a non-reaction, and Kendrick is out next to the same. MCMG are out next as a team, and they get a nice reaction from the crowd.

The bell rings and Homicide goes right to the top, but the Guns pull him down. Kendrick tries to get out of the door, but the refs won't open it. The Guns work together, preventing Kendrick and Homicide from making their way out. Double team move on Homicide from the Guns, and a double round kick to Kendrick, who's already split open. Homicide uses a misstep from the Guns to take both men out. Homicide focuses on Shelley, hitting a big belly to belly suplex. Kendrick works over Sabin with a boot to the face.

Homicide gets Sabin in a camel clutch, and Kendrick hits a running slap to the forehead of Sabin. Homicide and Kendrick continue to work over Shelley together, but Shelley is able to fight back and hit a STO/DDT combo. The Guns regain the advantage, and Sabin hits a beautiful tornado DDT, but ends up walking right into a neckbreaker from Homicide. Shelley is trying to escape but he's cut off by Kendrick. Sabin stops Kendrick and the Guns look for the Made in Detroit but Kendrick fights out of it. Homicide hits a gringo killer on Sabin, and Kendrick sets up Shelley on the top turnbuckle. Homicide sneaks over the top of the cage, and goes to the floor, stealing the win.

Winner: Homicide

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