Steel Cage Match
Kevin Nash vs. Eric Young

We get a video package detailing the history between the two men, highlighting from when they were partners, to when EY was screwed by Nash.

The bell rings and EY uses his speed to take Nash off his feet real quick with a kick to the leg and a punch to the face. Young lets Nash get up, and he eats a knee to the gut and a forearm to the back. Nash charges Young in the corner and Young is able to get his feet up. Young climbs to the top and connects with a missile dropkick. Nash rolls to the apron, but when he stands he eats a dropkick and a crossbody, getting sandwiched against the cage. Nash hits a low blow when the ref is shoved out of the way by EY. Nash takes Young to the corner and buries his knee in the midsection before hitting a couple of right hands. EY fights back and tells Nash to bring it on, covering up in the corner and taking more punishment, before calling for even more.

Nash continues to beat on Young, and Young continues to take it and ask for more. Young fights back with a couple of right hands, but another knee takes Young down. Nash hits a big chokeslam, but doesn't capitalize with a pin. Young fights back right away, ducking a couple of blows from Nash and coming back with a couple of his own. Young eats a big boot from Nash though when he comes off the ropes/ Nash puts Young on his shoulder and walks him skull first into the cage wall. Nash pulls down the straps and puts up the Wolfpac sign. Nash hits the jackknife powerbomb, goes for the cover, and gets the three count.

Winner: Kevin Nash

After the match, Nash grabs a mic. He says if you think for a minute that Hall is going to be coming out alone, it won't happen as long as Nash has a breath in his body, so Nash will become the fourth man to pull double duty tonight.

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