We get a video package, showing the abomination that was the Lockbox match, and the other events this month that have led to this match where all the titles will be on the line.

ALL TNA Knockouts Titles On The Line
Tara and Angelina Love vs. The Beautiful People

The bell rings, and it looks like Velvet Sky and Love will be starting things off. Love hits a spear and a series of right hands. She taks Sky down again with a series of clotheslines, and Sky calls for a time out and tags to Rayne. Love drags Rayne into the match and hits a front slam, that leads to a cover for a two count. When she tries to pick Rayne up, she eats a jawbreaker, but she tags out to Tara, who comes in and goes right to work on Rayne. A cheap shot from Rayne allows her to get a tag to Sky, but Sky walks right into a series of moves from Tara, that ends with a snap suplex. Tara goes into the ropes, but she's pulled down by Rayne, and Sky uses it to her advantage, choking away at Tara.

Sky tags out to Rayne, and they hit a double dropkick to Tara's back. Rayne locks up Tara's head in her thighs, and hits the scissor stomp. Rayne tags out to Sky, who comes in and tries to pin Tara, but Tara kicks out and comes right back with a series of right hands and a big slam. Tara tells Love to watch this, and she goes for a moonsault, but Sky moves out of the way.

Both women make the tag, and Love comes in as a house of fire, going to work on both Beautiful People, sending them both into the same corner. Tara gets the blind tag, comes into the ring and hits the widows peak on Rayne, but a pin attempt is broken up by Sky. Von Erich is in from the outside, and she hits Tara from behind with the tag belt. Madison Rayne rolls up Tara, and this one is over.

Winner and NEW TNA Knockout Champion: Madison Rayne. Still TNA Knockouts Tag Champions: The Beautiful People.

After the match, Tara reaches out for help to get back to her feet from Love, and Love helps her up, but walks away. When she tries to exit the cage, Tara hits her from behind, and sends her into the cage. Tara screams, looks down at Love, and makes her way to the back.

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