JB is backstage with the members of Team Flair, and their manager, Ric Flair himself, along with the TNA World Champion AJ Styles. Flair says they appreciate the youth and enthusiasm of RVD and Hardy, but they can't match BMI. He says Abyss is the ugliest man he's ever seen, and Desmond Wolfe has taken him down twice. Flair calls out Jarrett, saying are you kidding me, he's got Sting. He says Hogan called them out tonight and he's got it, blood sweat and tears. Hogan will run from the building with his tail between his legs, and he'll never be seen in TNA again, and Flair promises that.

JB turns to Styles. Styles says he's the longest reigning TNA Champion in history, and there's no one he hasn't beat, so if the Pope thinks he's going to sweat him tonight, he needs to be honest with himself and look in the mirror and say he's no AJ Styles. He doesn't have the star power that Styles possesses. Styles says Pope's services end tonight, and there's two things that he can do, nothing and like it.

X Division Championship
Shannon Moore vs. Homicide vs. Kazarian

The bell rings, and all three men stare each other down. Moore and Kaz go right to work on Homicide, hitting a double hip toss. Moore hits a quick leg drop, and Kaz hits a springboard leg drop. Homicide rolls out to the apron, but he's just beaten mercilessly, slammed multiple times against the cage wall. Kaz and Moore just continues to work on Homicide, both go for pins and the other one breaks it up. Things break down and Moore and Kaz turn to each other. A series of roll ups from both men leads to nothing but two counts. Homicide comes from out of nowhere with a dropkick that knocks both Moore and Kaz into each other.

Homicide rakes the eyes of Kaz, and he turns his attention to Moore, hitting a nice exploder suplex. Homicide chokes Kaz on the bottom rope, and he hits a suplex on Shannon Moore, but when he tries for a second, Moore fights out of it, hits an inverted atomic drop, and he and Kaz fight over a pin. Moore puts Homicide on the top turnbuckle, and Jaz is up there with him out of nowhere. Kaz and Moore try for a double superplex, but Homicide fights out of it and hits a double cutter off the top. Homicide tries for a series of covers on both men, but he can't get a three count.

Kaz rolls up Homicide and hits a Northern lights suplex on Moore, pinning both men at the same time, but both kick out. Homicide side steps Moore, and Moore connects with Kaz in the corner. Moore tries to pin Homicide but Homicide kicks out. Moore walks into a missile dropkick from Kaz, and a pin is broken up by Homicide. Homicide hits a jawbreaker on Kaz, before slamming his head in the corner and chopping his chest. Homicide puts Moore on the top turnbuckle, and he goes for another cutter, but Moore pushes him off. Moore and Kaz walk the ropes and meet in the middle, and Moore kicks Kaz's legs out from under him, hits a moonsault on Homicide, and goes for the cover but it's broken up by Kaz.

Kaz shoulders Moore and sends him face first, then across the cage and back first into the cage wall. Kaz puts Homicide on the top turnbuckle and he goes to the top with him. Both men are standing on the top turnbuckle, and Homicide is able to fight back, hitting a hip toss from the top rope. Moore goes for the pin, but Homicide breaks it up with a flying headbutt. Homicide works over Moore in the corer, but he runs into the boots from Moore. Homicide dodges a high risk move, and he goes for the gringo cutter on Moore, but Kaz breaks it up, hits a sick back piledriver on Homicide, and goes for the pin on Homicide, getting the three count.

Winner and NEW X Division Champion: Kazarian

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