Christy Hemme is backstage with Pope, she asks if it's his night. Pope says she's correct. Pope and Styles have faced off before and Pope came out the victor. Pope knows that Styles will do whatever he can to hold on to the belt, and he should. Tonight Pope's going to slap him so hard, his highlights are going to be on the midnight train to Georgia. Pope says his future is bright. He says that tonight is the most important moment in Pope's career. Everything he has achieved in his lifetime has led to this moment. If Pope can get the TNA World Championship around his waist, the world cannot doubt it any longer that Pope is pimpin'.

Team 3D vs. Kevin Nash and Scott Hall

Team 3D is out to the ring first, to a huge pop from the crowd. Bubba has a mic, and he asks the crowd if they're ready to get crazy. He asks if they're ready to get wild. He tells the ref not to close the door, because the people didn't come to see them wrestle, they came to see 3D fight. He tells the Band to get their asses out there, because tonight it's a St. Louis Street fight, and falls count anywhere in the building.

3D charges the Band as soon as they're out on the ramp and this one is on. Hall and Bubba and D-Von and Nash pair up. Hall tries for the outsider's edge, but Ray fights out of it with a back body drop on the ramp. D-Von and Nash fight out at the ringside area. Ray sends Hall out into the crowd, and he follows, grabbing a fans beer and slamming it into Hall's head. D-Von and Nash are out in the crowd too and 3D are dominating things. D-Von grabs a bottle and slams it into Nash's head.

D-Von and Nash fight back to the ringside area, and D-Von continues the brawl. Hall and Ray also make their way back, and the Band is able to fight back, Nash hitting a big boot on Ray, and Hall sending D-Von into the ring. In the ring, Nash and Hall double team D-Von in the corner, then send D-Von crashing into the cage wall. Bubba tries to get into the cage, but Hall holds the door closed. Nash continues to work over D-Von in the corner while Hall holds Ray at bay.

Nash and Hall switch places, so Ray grabs a chair and launches it into Nash's hand, then uses the door to hit Nash in the head. Ray makes his way into the ring and he's a house of fire, working over both members of the Band. D-Von recovers, and the two send Hall into Nash in the corner, and hit one splash after another. Hall turns around and gets dropped by a slam from Ray and Nash eats a right hand from D-Von. 3D hit a what's up headbutt on Hall, and Bubba tells D-Von to get the tables.

D-Von goes to the outside, and all of a sudden, we've got a table in the ring. 3D sets it up, and they connect with a 3D, putting Hall through the table. D-Von covers Hall, and gets the three count.

Winners: Team 3D

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