Eric Bischoff is walking in backstage, and JB tries to get something, but he won't talk.

Lethal Lockdown Match
Team Hogan (Abyss, Jeff Jarrett, Jeff Hardy & Rob Van Dam) vs. Team Flair (Sting, Beer Money & Desmond Wofle)

First out for Team Hogan is the captain, Abyss. Abyss makes his way down to the ring with a bag of tacks in hand, and a big pyro blast. He'll be starting things out for his team. The first member of Team Flair out to the ring is Robert Roode.

Roode gets into the ring, the bell rings, and this one is on. Roode talks smack to Abyss, but Abyss responds with a slap to Roode, Roode comes back with one of his own, and both men trade blows. Roode focuses on Abyss' leg, kicking away at the back of it. Abyss is able to send Roode into the ropes, but he eats a big kick, only to come back with a big boot to Roode. Abyss sends Roode into the corner and beats on him with a couple of big right hands, and an overhand chop to Roode's chest. Abyss pounds on Roode in another corner, and chokes at him with his boot.

Abyss hits a huge back body drop, and he tries to send Roode head first into the side of the cage. Roode blocks it, and tries to do the same to Abyss, but Abyss fights it off. Roode rakes Abyss' eyes, and Abyss responds by sending Roode face first into the side of the cage. Abyss picks Roode up, and drives him face first into another side of the cage. Abyss lets Roode get up to his feet, and when he charges him, he walks right into a big boot. Roode goes to the second rope and hits a jumping neckbreaker. Roode beats on Abyss, and sends him head first into the cage wall.

Roode stomps away at Abyss in the corner, choking away at him with his boot. Roode poses for the crowd and the countdown for the next entrance begins. Roode stomps on Abyss.

The next entrant is Rob Van Dam.

Van Dam is a little slow on his way out to the ring, but he comes right out with a big back heel kick to Roode, and he begins stomping away on Roode in the corner, before picking him up, hitting him with a series of punches, and finishing it off with a huge kick. Van Dam rolls into a monkey flip, shooting Roode across the ring, and he poses for the crowd. RVD hits rolling thunder, and he picks Roode up, hitting a forearm and sending him face first into the side of the cage. The clock begins to count down again.

The next entrant is Desmond Wolfe.

Wolfe is also taking his time on his way down to the ring. Roode nails Abyss with a low blow from behind. RVD eats a dropkick from Wolfe that sends him into the cage while he's distracted by Roode. Roode begins working over Abyss' leg while Wolfe works on re-busting RVD open. The two men switch, and again the clock is beginning its inevitable countdown. Wolfe and Roode team up, sending Abyss face first into the cage.

The next entrant is Jeff Jarrett.

Why are none of these guys rushing to the ring to help their teammates? Jarrett is in, and he sends both Roode and Wolfe face first into the cage wall before cracking their heads together. Jarrett sends Wolfe and Roode into the cage simeltaneosly, but he ends up walking into a powerbomb from Roode. Wolfe is able to catch RVD off guard from behind, and he goes to work on Abyss, trying to steal the hall of fame ring.

The next entrant is James Storm.

Storm takes his time on the way down to the ring, sipping on a beer on the way. Storm spits beer in Abyss' face and goes right to work on Jarrett with punches before turning to RVD, sending him face first into the side of the cage, and Van Fam is bleeding badly again. Jarrett is able to catch Roode with a big leaping chop from the second rope and a suplex, but he's the only one of the faces doing anything productive, as the other guys are getting wailed on. The clock counts down.

The next entrant is Jeff Hardy.

Hardy doesn't come out, and the camera cut backstage, where Sting is standing above a laid out Jeff Hardy with a baseball bat in his hand.

Wolfe and Roofe work over Abyss in the corner until Jarrett breaks it up, but it doesn't last long as the heels are really taking over. RVD and Abyss begin to fight back, and Jarrett sends Storm face first into the cage. The faces are dominating as the clock counts down and the final period ends.

The final entrant is Sting.

Sting makes his way out to the ring with bat in hand, and he calls for the cage to be lowered. The cage does indeed begin to come down, and the true match really begins. All the heels are on their feet, and they're waiting for the roof to come all the way down.

As soon as the cage roof comes all the way down, Lethal Lockdown begins, and all the heels make a break for the roof to grab a weapon. BMI grab trash can parts and Wolfe grabs a cookie sheet that they use to work over RVD, Abyss and Jarrett. Storm grabs a pipe, and the heels are just dominating things. Storm hits Jarrett with the pipe in the midsection. Sting isn't really attacking anyone, he's just kind of watching everyone else. Roode wails on Abyss with a trash can lid. Wolfe tries to hit Jarret with something, but Jarrett comes out of nowhere with a trash can, laying into all the heels, but when he goes for Sting, Sting lays him, and RVD out with the bat.

Roode sends Storm into Jarrett, who's on the apron, and Jarrett ends up being launched out of the cage out to the floor. BMI follow to the outside where they attack Jarrett. Abyss brings the tacks into play, grabs Sting, and rips his leather jacket off. Abyss teases a chokeslam, but Wolfe distracts him, and Storm smashes a beer bottle over his head to break things up. BMI are back in the ring, and Jeff Hardy's music hits, and he's on his way out with a kendo stick. Hardy charges the ring and he takes out both members of BMI on the outside, taking both of them down and splintering the kendo stick. Jarrett is able to grab a guitar and he smashes it across Wolfe's head. RVD connects with the five star frog splash on Wolfe.

Sting hits Abyss with a clothesline, but he gets a chokeslam into the tacks for his troubles. Hardy climbs up to the top of the cage, and he challenges BMI to follow him up. He takes on both members, with a trash can lid, but BMI get the better of Hardy when Storm hits him with a trash can lid across the back. Storm and Roode set up a table, conveniently on top of the cage already. Hardy is able to fight back, holding off both members of BMI. Hardy hits a twist of fate on Roode, and he sets Storm up on the table, grabbing a ladder, also conveniently on the top of the cage, setting it up, and climbing it. Jeff climbs to the top, and jumps off with a big splash, putting Storm through the table.

Ric Flair's music hits, and he makes his way down to the ring. Flair heads straight into the ring, and he goes right to work, stomping on Abyss. The ref just watches this happen. Flair goes for the HOF ring, even biting at Abyss' hand. Hogan's music hits, and the Hulkster heads out to the ring with a mean look on his face. Hogan and Flair square off, with Hogan holding the bat. Eric Bischoff runs down from the back, and he tries to get Hogan to calm down and not attack Flair. Hogan asks where Bischoff has been. Bischoff begs Hogan to give him the bat, and when he does, he drop it to the mat. Bischoff reaches in his pocket and grabs a pair of brass knuckles, teasing tossing them to Flair, but actually tossing them to Hogan. Hogan hits Flair with the brass knuckles a couple of times, really busting him open, before sending Flair side to side, head first, into opposite walls of the cage. Flair looks pissed, but Hogan hits him with a big punch and Flair falls into the tacks. Hogan hits Flair with a big trash can shot. Abyss picks Desmond Wolfe up and hits the black hole slam. Abyss pins Wolfe and gets the three count.

Winners: Team Hogan

Team Hogan celebrates as replays air to end the show.

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