Event: TNA Lockdown Pay-Per-View
Airdate: Sunday, April 18th, 2010 (Pay-Per-View)
Location: The Family Arena in St. Louis, MO
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TNA Lockdown Opener:

We get an opening video that hypes the fact that every match tonight will be taking place inside a steel cage. We get a nice montage that includes several different wrestlers thoughts on the steel cage.

The pyro hits, and Tenay welcomes us to the show. He and Taz immediately begin hyping the TNA World Title match between Pope and AJ, as well as the Lethal Lockdown match between Team Hogan and Team Flair.

Tenay and Taz break some news, letting us know that Douglas Williams has been grounded in the UK due to the volcano eruption going on in Iceland. As such, he has been stripped of his title.

In other news, Syxx Pac has no showed the event, and Eric Bischoff is supposedly not here either.

Rob Van Dam vs. James Storm Update

RVD's music hits, and he makes his way down to the ring to represent Team Hogan in this match, that will determine who gets the advantage in the Lethal Lockdown match later tonight. Van Dam gets a nice big pop on his way out. James Storm is out next, representing Team Flair, he's a bit delayed getting out of the tunnel.

Storm is slow to get in to the cage, so RVD hits a baseball slide, sending the cage door into Storm's face. RVD goes to the outside to take the fight to Storm. He slams his head into the side of the cage, and poses for the crowd before attacking Storm with a series of forearms. RVD hits a stiff kick, and follows it up with a front suplex hanging Storm up on the barricade. RVD climbs up the side of the cage, and leaps off with a huge leg drop on Storm.

RVD continues the punishment on Storm with a series of forearms, but when he tries to slam Storm's head into the steel steps, Storm blocks it and reverses. RVD fights back and he sends Storm into the ring and this one officially starts. RVD is busted open. Van Dam hits a spinning back kick charging into the corner at Storm, he kicks away at Storm, before choking him with his boot and kicking at him in the corner.

RVD hits an inverted atomic drop, and he hangs Storm up crotch first on the top rope. RVD climbs to the top rope himself, and launches himself at Storm with a big single leg drop kick. RVD goes for the pin but only gets two. RVD pounds on Storm in the corner, hitting ten quick punches, and he sends Storm across the ring, trying for a crazy somersault dropkick, but Storm avoids it and hits a big neckbreaker. Storm rains down on RVD with a bunch of right hands before locking in a rear chin lock.

RVD starts to fight out of it, but Storm retaliates with a clothesline that sends RVD over the ropes and into the cage. Storm hits a big boot, and he goes to work, ripping at RVD's forehead. Another rear chin lock, and RVD fights out again, coming back with a spin kick this time and both men are down.

Both men are back up and they trade blows in the middle of the ring with RVD getting the advantage with some Low Kicks and a couple of clotheslines. RVD sends Storm face first into the cage wall before hitting a front slam and split legged moonsault. RVD goes for the pin but Storm kicks out at two. RVD picks Storm up but he eats a jawbreaker. Storm downs some beer, distracts Hebner, spits it in RVD's face, hits a big DDT, and goes for the pin but RVD kicks out!

Storm teases the Last Call, but RVD ducks it, tries for a kick of his own, Storm ducks, but RVD comes back with a step over back kick. RVD connects with the five star frog splash from the top rope, rolls into the cover, and gets the three count, gaining the man advantage for his team later tonight.

Winner: Rob Van Dam


Christy Hemme is backstage with Hulk Hogan. Hogan says it's not exactly a bright sunny day, his team has been doing pretty bad lately. Hardy has been dropped twice by Sting. BMI is running wild. Desmond Wolfe not only hit Abyss with a fire extinguisher, but he also tried to run him over with a car. But tonight, Team Hogan is going to go out and tear down the house, and leave their mark. Hogan says just the simple fact that RVD won tonight means they've got a bit of momentum. He says he knows Flair is on his game, and if Team Flair wins tonight, he says it might be time to pack his bags and walk away. Hogan says if Team Flair destroys Team Hogan, there's nothing left for his guys. On the subject of Bischoff, Hogan says he's got enough on his plate, Eric will do what he wants to do and Hogan is over it.

XScape Match
Homicide vs. Brian Kendrick vs. Alex Shelley vs. Chris Sabin

This is part of the reshuffling of the card tonight, and whoever wins here, by escaping the cage, will earn the vacant spot in the X Division Title three way match later tonight where a new champion will be crowned.

Homicide is out first to a bit of a non-reaction, and Kendrick is out next to the same. MCMG are out next as a team, and they get a nice reaction from the crowd.

The bell rings and Homicide goes right to the top, but the Guns pull him down. Kendrick tries to get out of the door, but the refs won't open it. The Guns work together, preventing Kendrick and Homicide from making their way out. Double team move on Homicide from the Guns, and a double round kick to Kendrick, who's already split open. Homicide uses a misstep from the Guns to take both men out. Homicide focuses on Shelley, hitting a big belly to belly suplex. Kendrick works over Sabin with a boot to the face.

Homicide gets Sabin in a camel clutch, and Kendrick hits a running slap to the forehead of Sabin. Homicide and Kendrick continue to work over Shelley together, but Shelley is able to fight back and hit a STO/DDT combo. The Guns regain the advantage, and Sabin hits a beautiful tornado DDT, but ends up walking right into a neckbreaker from Homicide. Shelley is trying to escape but he's cut off by Kendrick. Sabin stops Kendrick and the Guns look for the Made in Detroit but Kendrick fights out of it. Homicide hits a gringo killer on Sabin, and Kendrick sets up Shelley on the top turnbuckle. Homicide sneaks over the top of the cage, and goes to the floor, stealing the win.

Winner: Homicide

Steel Cage Match
Kevin Nash vs. Eric Young

We get a video package detailing the history between the two men, highlighting from when they were partners, to when EY was screwed by Nash.

The bell rings and EY uses his speed to take Nash off his feet real quick with a kick to the leg and a punch to the face. Young lets Nash get up, and he eats a knee to the gut and a forearm to the back. Nash charges Young in the corner and Young is able to get his feet up. Young climbs to the top and connects with a missile dropkick. Nash rolls to the apron, but when he stands he eats a dropkick and a crossbody, getting sandwiched against the cage. Nash hits a low blow when the ref is shoved out of the way by EY. Nash takes Young to the corner and buries his knee in the midsection before hitting a couple of right hands. EY fights back and tells Nash to bring it on, covering up in the corner and taking more punishment, before calling for even more.

Nash continues to beat on Young, and Young continues to take it and ask for more. Young fights back with a couple of right hands, but another knee takes Young down. Nash hits a big chokeslam, but doesn't capitalize with a pin. Young fights back right away, ducking a couple of blows from Nash and coming back with a couple of his own. Young eats a big boot from Nash though when he comes off the ropes/ Nash puts Young on his shoulder and walks him skull first into the cage wall. Nash pulls down the straps and puts up the Wolfpac sign. Nasg hits the jackknife powerbomb, goes for the cover, and gets the three count.

Winner: Kevin Nash

After the match, Nash grabs a mic. He says if you think for a minute that Hall is going to be coming out alone, it won't happen as long as Nash has a breath in his body, so Nash will become the fourth man to pull double duty tonight.

- We get a video package, showing the abomination that was the Lockbox match, and the other events this month that have led to this match where all the titles will be on the line.

ALL TNA Knockouts Titles On The Line
Tara and Angelina Love vs. The Beautiful People

The bell rings, and it looks like Velvet Sky and Love will be starting things off. Love hits a spear and a series of right hands. She taks Sky down again with a series of clotheslines, and Sky calls for a time out and tags to Rayne. Love drags Rayne into the match and hits a front slam, that leads to a cover for a two count. When she tries to pick Rayne up, she eats a jawbreaker, but she tags out to Tara, who comes in and goes right to work on Rayne. A cheap shot from Rayne allows her to get a tag to Sky, but Sky walks right into a series of moves from Tara, that ends with a snap suplex. Tara goes into the ropes, but she's pulled down by Rayne, and Sky uses it to her advantage, choking away at Tara.

Sky tags out to Rayne, and they hit a double dropkick to Tara's back. Rayne locks up Tara's head in her thighs, and hits the scissor stomp. Rayne tags out to Sky, who comes in and tries to pin Tara, but Tara kicks out and comes right back with a series of right hands and a big slam. Tara tells Love to watch this, and she goes for a moonsault, but Sky moves out of the way.

Both women make the tag, and Love comes in as a house of fire, going to work on both Beautiful People, sending them both into the same corner. Tara gets the blind tag, comes into the ring and hits the widows peak on Rayne, but a pin attempt is broken up by Sky. Von Erich is in from the outside, and she hits Tara from behind with the tag belt. Madison Rayne rolls up Tara, and this one is over.

Winner and NEW TNA Knockout Champion: Madison Rayne. Still TNA Knockouts Tag Champions: The Beautiful People.

After the match, Tara reaches out for help to get back to her feet from Love, and Love helps her up, but walks away. When she tries to exit the cage, Tara hits her from behind, and sends her into the cage. Tara screams, looks down at Love, and makes her way to the back.


JB is backstage with the members of Team Flair, and their manager, Ric Flair himself, along with the TNA World Champion AJ Styles. Flair says they appreciate the youth and enthusiasm of RVD and Hardy, but they can't match BMI. He says Abyss is the ugliest man he's ever seen, and Desmond Wolfe has taken him down twice. Flair calls out Jarrett, saying are you kidding me, he's got Sting. He says Hogan called them out tonight and he's got it, blood sweat and tears. Hogan will run from the building with his tail between his legs, and he'll never be seen in TNA again, and Flair promises that.

JB turns to Styles. Styles says he's the longest reigning TNA Champion in history, and there's no one he hasn't beat, so if the Pope thinks he's going to sweat him tonight, he needs to be honest with himself and look in the mirror and say he's no AJ Styles. He doesn't have the star power that Styles possesses. Styles says Pope's services end tonight, and there's two things that he can do, nothing and like it.

X Division Championship
Shannon Moore vs. Homicide vs. Kazarian

The bell rings, and all three men stare each other down. Moore and Kaz go right to work on Homicide, hitting a double hip toss. Moore hits a quick leg drop, and Kaz hits a springboard leg drop. Homicide rolls out to the apron, but he's just beaten mercilessly, slammed multiple times against the cage wall. Kaz and Moore just continues to work on Homicide, both go for pins and the other one breaks it up. Things break down and Moore and Kaz turn to each other. A series of roll ups from both men leads to nothing but two counts. Homicide comes from out of nowhere with a dropkick that knocks both Moore and Kaz into each other.

Homicide rakes the eyes of Kaz, and he turns his attention to Moore, hitting a nice exploder suplex. Homicide chokes Kaz on the bottom rope, and he hits a suplex on Shannon Moore, but when he tries for a second, Moore fights out of it, hits an inverted atomic drop, and he and Kaz fight over a pin. Moore puts Homicide on the top turnbuckle, and Jaz is up there with him out of nowhere. Kaz and Moore try for a double superplex, but Homicide fights out of it and hits a double cutter off the top. Homicide tries for a series of covers on both men, but he can't get a three count.

Kaz rolls up Homicide and hits a Northern lights suplex on Moore, pinning both men at the same time, but both kick out. Homicide side steps Moore, and Moore connects with Kaz in the corner. Moore tries to pin Homicide but Homicide kicks out. Moore walks into a missile dropkick from Kaz, and a pin is broken up by Homicide. Homicide hits a jawbreaker on Kaz, before slamming his head in the corner and chopping his chest. Homicide puts Moore on the top turnbuckle, and he goes for another cutter, but Moore pushes him off. Moore and Kaz walk the ropes and meet in the middle, and Moore kicks Kaz's legs out from under him, hits a moonsault on Homicide, and goes for the cover but it's broken up by Kaz.

Kaz shoulders Moore and sends him face first, then across the cage and back first into the cage wall. Kaz puts Homicide on the top turnbuckle and he goes to the top with him. Both men are standing on the top turnbuckle, and Homicide is able to fight back, hitting a hip toss from the top rope. Moore goes for the pin, but Homicide breaks it up with a flying headbutt. Homicide works over Moore in the corer, but he runs into the boots from Moore. Homicide dodges a high risk move, and he goes for the gringo cutter on Moore, but Kaz breaks it up, hits a sick back piledriver on Homicide, and goes for the pin on Homicide, getting the three count.

Winner and NEW X Division Champion: Kazarian


Christy Hemme is backstage with Pope, she asks if it's his night. Pope says she's correct. Pope and Styles have faced off before and Pope came out the victor. Pope knows that Styles will do whatever he can to hold on to the belt, and he should. Tonight Pope's going to slap him so hard, his highlights are going to be on the midnight train to Georgia. Pope says his future is bright. He says that tonight is the most important moment in Pope's career. Everything he has achieved in his lifetime has led to this moment. If Pope can get the TNA World Championship around his waist, the world cannot doubt it any longer that Pope is pimpin'.

Team 3D vs. Kevin Nash and Scott Hall

Team 3D is out to the ring first, to a huge pop from the crowd. Bubba has a mic, and he asks the crowd if they're ready to get crazy. He asks if they're ready to get wild. He tells the ref not to close the door, because the people didn't come to see them wrestle, they came to see 3D fight. He tells the Band to get their asses out there, because tonight it's a St. Louis Street fight, and falls count anywhere in the building.

3D charges the Band as soon as they're out on the ramp and this one is on. Hall and Bubba and D-Von and Nash pair up. Hall tries for the outsider's Edge, but Ray fights out of it with a back body drop on the ramp. D-Von and Nash fight out at the ringside area. Ray sends Hall out into the crowd, and he follows, grabbing a fans beer and slamming it into Hall's head. D-Von and Nash are out in the crowd too and 3D are dominating things. D-Von grabs a bottle and slams it into Nash's head.

D-Von and Nash fight back to the ringside area, and D-Von continues the brawl. Hall and Ray also make their way back, and the Band is able to fight back, Nash hitting a big boot on Ray, and Hall sending D-Von into the ring. In the ring, Nash and Hall double team D-Von in the corner, then send D-Von crashing into the cage wall. Bubba tries to get into the cage, but Hall holds the door closed. Nash continues to work over D-Von in the corner while Hall holds Ray at bay.

Nash and Hall switch places, so Ray grabs a chair and launches it into Nash's hand, then uses the door to hit Nash in the head. Ray makes his way into the ring and he's a house of fire, working over both members of the Band. D-Von recovers, and the two send Hall into Nash in the corner, and hit one splash after another. Hall turns around and gets dropped by a slam from Ray and Nash eats a right hand from D-Von. 3D hit a what's up headbutt on Hall, and Bubba tells D-Von to get the tables.

D-Von goes to the outside, and all of a sudden, we've got a table in the ring. 3D sets it up, and they connect with a 3D, putting Hall through the table. D-Von covers Hall, and gets the three count.

Winners: Team 3D

- We get a video package highlighting the history between these two men over the last few months that has led up to this match. We also get a reminder that Anderson won the ladder match on the last episode of Impact gaining the advantage of being able to unlock the cage door.

Kurt Angle vs. Mr. Anderson

Mr. Anderson is the first man out, stopping at the top of the entrance ramp. Anderson brings down the mic, and he says that he's got the key, his precious. He introduces himself, stopping short of saying his name, switching hands first, and then saying his name, of course repeating Anderson. Kurt Angle is the next man out to the ring, with pyro and fanfare, and a warm welcome from this St. Louis crowd.

The bell rings, and this one is ready to go. Anderson looks to wrestle this match with the key to the cage around his neck. Anderson calls for a test of strength, but he uses it as an opportunity to hit a cheap shot on Angle. Anderson ducks a blow from Angle and hits a low dropkick, trying for the cage door right away. Angle is able to prevent Anderson from leaving the cage, but Anderson fights back, using the chain and the key to beat at Angle's head. Anderson goes back to the padlock, but Angle is right back on him, with a belly to back suplex. Angle beats on Anderson in the corner, stomping away at him in the corner. The lock looks to have the key in it and might be open. Angle hits a snap suplex on Anderson.

Angle sends Anderson into the ropes, and he charges, but Anderson blocks it, and elevates Angle, sending him face first into the cage wall, and Angle is busted open. Anderson punches at Angle's forehead, working over his wound. Anderson rakes Angle's head against the cage wall, before pulling his neck back against the top rope, and slamming him head first into the cage repeatedly. Anderson takes his hand, which is covered in Angle's blood, and wipes it across his body. Anderson hits a leg drop on Angle and goes back to the cage door, but Angle stops him again, slamming him head first into the door. Anderson responds by launching Angle straight into the cage door.

Anderson tries for a back body drop, but Angle reverses it. Angle notices that the key is stuck in the lock, but Anderson crashes into Kurt with a low knee, sending Kurt into the cage door head first. Anderson climbs to the top rope, but Angle is up out of nowhere with a huge super belly to belly suplex and both men are down.

Angle is back up to his feet, and Anderson is unwrapping his wrist tape. He uses it to wrap around Angle's throat and he chokes Angle, taking him down to his knees, and eventually down to the mat, where he grapevines his legs around Angle's body. Angle starts to fight back, working up to his knees, and up to his feet. He gets out of the hold with a quick back suplex and both men are down again.

Both men are up to their knees, where they trade right hands. Both men up to their feet still trading punches, and Angle gets the upper hand with a big clothesline, and another. Angle sends Anderson into the ropes and hits a big back body drop. Angle sends Anderson into the corner, blocks a big boot and comes back with a release belly to belly overhead suplex. Angle tries for the Angle slam, but Anderson counters and hits the Green Bay plunge. Anderson goes for the pin,but realizes he can't win that way. Anderson goes for the mic check, but Angle fights out of it and hits seven German suplexes, holding on until the last one (Tenay incorrectly calls it at six). Angle goes over to the cage door and looks at the lock, but he turns back to Anderson.

Angle locks in the Ankle lock, but Anderson is able to fight out of it, and connect with the mic check, putting Angle down. Anderson crawls over to the cage door, and he opens the padlock and opens the door. Angle connects with an Angle slam, and he walks over to the door, closing it, locking it back up, and taking the key out of the lock. Angle throws the key away, but it looks like he's still got it in his hand, possibly. Anderson rips at the chain, holding the door closed. Anderson goes to the top of the cage, but Andle pulls him down. Anderson takes Angle down with a right hand and climbs up to the top rope again. Angle follows him up, and Anderson comes back with right hand after right hand. Angle grabs Anderson from behind and hits a big belly to back suplex from the top rope.

Angle looks up to the top of the cage, but he turns back to Anderson, setting him into position. Angle goes up to the top turnbuckle, and then looks to the top of the cage. Angle climbs up to the top corner of the cage, and he jumps off with a GIANT moonsault, connecting with Anderson's face.

Angle does indeed have the key, and he goes over to the door, unlocking the padlock. Angle goes to the outside, but Anderson goads him, flicking him off with both hands. Angle comes back in, but he gets a low blow, and Anderson connects with a mic check.

Anderson crawls over to the cage door, and he gets the upper half of his body out of the cage, but Angle grabs him by the ankle, locking in the ankle lock and dragging him back into the center of the ring. Anderson is tapping but it doesn't matter. Anderson flips over and Angle ends up going head first into the cage.

Anderson crawls for the door again, but this time, Angle is able to grab him from behind and choke him with the chain from his medal. Angle chokes Anderson, using the ropes for leverage. Anderson spits in Anderson's face, climbs over him, and stomps on his groin on the way out for good measure. Angle's feet his the floor, and this one is over.

Winner: Kurt Angle

After the match Angle grabs a mic, and he says first of all how great the fans in St. Louis are. Angle says if you didn't already know, he's going to take some time off to regroup, and he'll miss the fans while he's gone. Angle says when he comes back, he's only got one goal in mind, and that's the TNA World Championship, it's real, it's damn real.

- We get a recap of the events that led up to this match, Pope winning the eight card stud tournament at Against All Odds that led to him becoming the number one contender to Styles' championship, and the events that have transpired since.

TNA Championship Match
AJ Styles vs. D'Angelo Dinero

AJ Styles is the second man out to the ring, and Flair is there behind him, but he waits until the pyro dies down before walking out behind the champ. Earl Hebner is out on the entrance ramp, and he throws Flair out, saying he's not allowed at ringside for the match. Flair looks pissed, but Hebner shoves him and forces him to the back. It's pretty ridiculous to watch these two old men arguing and fighting. AJ protests Hebner's decision, but it seems to be final.

The bell rings, and we're ready to kick things off in this one. Both men lock up, and Styles takes Pope down with a quick hip toss. Pope is back on his feet, and they both lock up again, with Styles wrenching Dinero's arm. Pope fights out of it, and the two chain wrestle for a little while, with AJ and Pope both trying to work over each other's arm. AJ takes Pope over with an arm drag, and Pope looks a little frustrated. Pope goes behind Styles , but Styles gets out of it, tries to slam Pope's head into the cage. Pope fights out of it, almost gets a roll up, and the fans chants a deafening.

Series of arm drags from Pope, and AJ is forced to back up into the corner to put on the brakes. Pope and AJ lock up, and Styles back him up into the corner, hitting him with a couple of chops. Pope turns it around and beats on Styles with a nice combination and a series of right hands. Pope blocks an inverted atomic drop and he responds with a quick clothesline. Pope sends AJ into the ropes and AJ comes back with a shoulder block, but he walks right into a flying forearm. Pope hits a couple of elbows and a big forearm, and the fans are really going wild. Pope charges AJ, but AJ sidesteps it and sends Pope right into the cage.

Pope catches a dropkick to the face from Styles, and Styles uses the opportunity to gloat for the crowd. Styles locks in a rear chin lock, but it's more up around Pope's nose area, but Pope is able to fight out of it with a couple of right hands. Pope hits a forearm, and AJ botches some kind of slam, so he just picks up Pope and plops him down. AJ works on Pope's knee, hitting an elbow and stomping away at it. Styles kicks out the back of Pope's knee, sending him crashing to the mat, but a second attempt, Pope blocks it and hits a quick chop. AJ pokes the eye, and he tries for the inverted springboard DDT, but Pope avoids it, sends AJ head first into the cage and hits a big DDT.

Pope hits Styles with a series of shots that puts AJ down, and a big back body drop, and inverted atomic drop, along with a shoulder block continue the punishment. Pope hits a backhand slap, and a big twisting powerslam that's good for a two count. Pope picks Styles up and gets rammed into the corner. Styles hits a big chop, but when he charges in, Pope ducks it. Styles pokes the eye again, goes to the top and leaps off with a flying forearm. Styles goes for the pin but only gets two. Styles puts Pope on the top turnbuckle, but Pope fights him off. Styles is back up there, and Pope hits him with a headbutt. Pope points to the ceiling and hits a diving headbutt.

Pope shoulders Styles, but Styles fights out of it and hits the Pele kick. Styles goes for the pin, but Pope kicks out at two. Styles slams Pope down across his knee with a big backbreaker, and he goes up to the top rope, hitting a big springboard 450 splash, but Pope is still able to kick out!

AJ heads all the way to the top corner of the steel cage, and he jumps off, diving at Pope, but Pope moves. Pope comes in with a quick roll up, and Styles kicks out at two. Pope connects with a front DDE, and he goes for the pin, but Styles kicks out at two! Styles pulls himself up in the corner, and Pope goes for the DDE, but Styles moves. Styles grabs a pen from the cameraman, and uses it to jab Pope right in the eye. Styles hits a rolling clothesline, and follows it up with the Styles clash. Styles rolls him over into the pin, and gets the three count.

Winner and STILL TNA World Champion: AJ Styles

- Eric Bischoff is walking in backstage, and JB tries to get something, but he won't talk.

Lethal Lockdown Match
Team Hogan (Abyss, Jeff Jarrett, Jeff Hardy & Rob Van Dam) vs. Team Flair (Sting, Beer Money & Desmond Wofle)

First out for Team Hogan is the captain, Abyss. Abyss makes his way down to the ring with a bag of tacks in hand, and a big pyro blast. He'll be starting things out for his team. The first member of Team Flair out to the ring is Robert Roode.

Roode gets into the ring, the bell rings, and this one is on. Roode talks smack to Abyss, but Abyss responds with a slap to Roode, Roode comes back with one of his own, and both men trade blows. Roode focuses on Abyss' leg, kicking away at the back of it. Abyss is able to send Roode into the ropes, but he eats a big kick, only to come back with a big boot to Roode. Abyss sends Roode into the corner and beats on him with a couple of big right hands, and an overhand chop to Roode's chest. Abyss pounds on Roode in another corner, and chokes at him with his boot.

Abyss hits a huge back body drop, and he tries to send Roode head first into the side of the cage. Roode blocks it, and tries to do the same to Abyss, but Abyss fights it off. Roode rakes Abyss' eyes, and Abyss responds by sending Roode face first into the side of the cage. Abyss picks Roode up, and drives him face first into another side of the cage. Abyss lets Roode get up to his feet, and when he charges him, he walks right into a big boot. Roode goes to the second rope and hits a jumping neckbreaker. Roode beats on Abyss, and sends him head first into the cage wall.

Roode stomps away at Abyss in the corner, choking away at him with his boot. Roode poses for the crowd and the countdown for the next entrance begins. Roode stomps on Abyss.

The next entrant is Rob Van Dam.

Van Dam is a little slow on his way out to the ring, but he comes right out with a big back heel kick to Roode, and he begins stomping away on Roode in the corner, before picking him up, hitting him with a series of punches, and finishing it off with a huge kick. Van Dam rolls into a monkey flip, shooting Roode across the ring, and he poses for the crowd. RVD hits rolling thunder, and he picks Roode up, hitting a forearm and sending him face first into the side of the cage. The clock begins to count down again.

The next entrant is Desmond Wolfe.

Wolfe is also taking his time on his way down to the ring. Roode nails Abyss with a low blow from behind. RVD eats a dropkick from Wolfe that sends him into the cage while he's distracted by Roode. Roode begins working over Abyss' leg while Wolfe works on re-busting RVD open. The two men switch, and again the clock is beginning its inevitable countdown. Wolfe and Roode team up, sending Abyss face first into the cage.

The next entrant is Jeff Jarrett.

Why are none of these guys rushing to the ring to help their teammates? Jarrett is in, and he sends both Roode and Wolfe face first into the cage wall before cracking their heads together. Jarrett sends Wolfe and Roode into the cage simeltaneosly, but he ends up walking into a powerbomb from Roode. Wolfe is able to catch RVD off guard from behind, and he goes to work on Abyss, trying to steal the hall of fame ring.

The next entrant is James Storm.

Storm takes his time on the way down to the ring, sipping on a beer on the way. Storm spits beer in Abyss' face and goes right to work on Jarrett with punches before turning to RVD, sending him face first into the side of the cage, and Van Fam is bleeding badly again. Jarrett is able to catch Roode with a big leaping chop from the second rope and a suplex, but he's the only one of the faces doing anything productive, as the other guys are getting wailed on. The clock counts down.

The next entrant is Jeff Hardy.

Hardy doesn't come out, and the camera cut backstage, where Sting is standing above a laid out Jeff Hardy with a baseball bat in his hand.

Wolfe and Roofe work over Abyss in the corner until Jarrett breaks it up, but it doesn't last long as the heels are really taking over. RVD and Abyss begin to fight back, and Jarrett sends Storm face first into the cage. The faces are dominating as the clock counts down and the final period ends.

The final entrant is Sting.

Sting makes his way out to the ring with bat in hand, and he calls for the cage to be lowered. The cage does indeed begin to come down, and the true match really begins. All the heels are on their feet, and they're waiting for the roof to come all the way down.

As soon as the cage roof comes all the way down, Lethal Lockdown begins, and all the heels make a break for the roof to grab a weapon. BMI grab trash can parts and Wolfe grabs a cookie sheet that they use to work over RVD, Abyss and Jarrett. Storm grabs a pipe, and the heels are just dominating things. Storm hits Jarrett with the pipe in the midsection. Sting isn't really attacking anyone, he's just kind of watching everyone else. Roode wails on Abyss with a trash can lid. Wolfe tries to hit Jarret with something, but Jarrett comes out of nowhere with a trash can, laying into all the heels, but when he goes for Sting, Sting lays him, and RVD out with the bat.

Roode sends Storm into Jarrett, who's on the apron, and Jarrett ends up being launched out of the cage out to the floor. BMI follow to the outside where they attack Jarrett. Abyss brings the tacks into play, grabs Sting, and rips his leather jacket off. Abyss teases a chokeslam, but Wolfe distracts him, and Storm smashes a beer bottle over his head to break things up. BMI are back in the ring, and Jeff Hardy's music hits, and he's on his way out with a kendo stick. Hardy charges the ring and he takes out both members of BMI on the outside, taking both of them down and splintering the kendo stick. Jarrett is able to grab a guitar and he smashes it across Wolfe's head. RVD connects with the five star frog splash on Wolfe.

Sting hits Abyss with a clothesline, but he gets a chokeslam into the tacks for his troubles. Hardy climbs up to the top of the cage, and he challenges BMI to follow him up. He takes on both members, with a trash can lid, but BMI get the better of Hardy when Storm hits him with a trash can lid across the back. Storm and Roode set up a table, conveniently on top of the cage already. Hardy is able to fight back, holding off both members of BMI. Hardy hits a twist of fate on Roode, and he sets Storm up on the table, grabbing a ladder, also conveniently on the top of the cage, setting it up, and climbing it. Jeff climbs to the top, and jumps off with a big splash, putting Storm through the table.

Ric Flair's music hits, and he makes his way down to the ring. Flair heads straight into the ring, and he goes right to work, stomping on Abyss. The ref just watches this happen. Flair goes for the HOF ring, even biting at Abyss' hand. Hogan's music hits, and the Hulkster heads out to the ring with a mean look on his face. Hogan and Flair square off, with Hogan holding the bat. Eric Bischoff runs down from the back, and he tries to get Hogan to calm down and not attack Flair. Hogan asks where Bischoff has been. Bischoff begs Hogan to give him the bat, and when he does, he drop it to the mat. Bischoff reaches in his pocket and grabs a pair of brass knuckles, teasing tossing them to Flair, but actually tossing them to Hogan. Hogan hits Flair with the brass knuckles a couple of times, really busting him open, before sending Flair side to side, head first, into opposite walls of the cage. Flair looks pissed, but Hogan hits him with a big punch and Flair falls into the tacks. Hogan hits Flair with a big trash can shot. Abyss picks Desmond Wolfe up and hits the black hole slam. Abyss pins Wolfe and gets the three count.

Winners: Team Hogan

Team Hogan celebrates as replays air to end the show.

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