Rob Van Dam won the title from AJ Styles tonight on the live TNA iMPACT! broadcast. Here is a recap from our iMPACT! report:

Ric Flair is banned from ringside.

AJ throws the robe at RVD and attacks! Rights by AJ, chokes out RVD, who is bleeding again from last night's cut. AJ tosses him to the floor, and then gets a SWEET senton dive! We head to a commercial @ 1:00.

Back from commercial @ 4:00 as AJ continues to beat down RVD. RVD with rights, off the ropes and RVD counters, and rights by RVD. Off the ropes and RVD trips over AJ as he does the dropkick sequence, and then AJ kills him with the dropkick. Chops by AJ in the corner. AJ grabs a leg, trips RVD and drops elbows to the knee. RVD tries to fight back, kicks by RVD, but AJ gets the dragon screw leg whip. AJ continues to punish the leg, and then chokes him out with the boot. RVD misses a boot, but then connects full power and drops AJ. BOTH men are down now, working to their feet, chops by AJ. Rights by RVD, they trade, BOO, YAY! Clothesline by RVD, another and a third! To the corner, rights by RVD, a whip and rolling monkey flip by RVD shoots AJ all the way across the ring. ROLLING THUNDER connects! 1…2…NO! AJ scoops the legs, figure four locked in now! RVD fights, looks for a way to escape, gets the ropes and AJ has to break. AJ grabs a leg again, looks for the hold again, roll up and RVD gets a close 2. RVD misses a clothesline, PELE by AJ! AJ grabs RVD, Styles Clash try, RVD fights, and tosses AJ to the apron. AJ flies in but RVD POWERBOMBS HIM! Up top…FIVE STAR! 1…2…3!!!!!!!!!!



Red and Yellow confetti falls and the TNA roster comes out. Dixie Carter, Bischoff, Al Snow, Simon Diamond, Team 3D, etc etc. Team 3D puts RVD on their shoulders to celebrate as everyone claps. The crowd chants RVD as the show ends.

Note from Ryan Clark: On a side note, that was one of the best episodes of TNA iMPACT! in a long time. I'd recommend checking out the replay on Thursday night if you missed it.

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