-- The pre-sale code for the June 20th WWE Fatal Four Way PPV, which will be held at the Nassau Coliseum in Long Island is NVMC. The pre-sale begins tomorrow morning at 10AM ET, through Ticketmaster.

-- Melina has posted a new blog up on the WWE Universe site. Here is an excerpt… Now let me tell you my opinions on the state of the Women's Division!!! It's time to get down to it!! I think we have incredible women on the roster right now. I am so proud because each of them are strong women who have respect for themselves and each other. These are my girls. Through the years I have met people who thought my kindness was fake, "who can be that happy and nice?" But I think that one day when this is all said and done... even when I pass away, people will realize I was the same person, just as happy, just as kind, day in and day out all the time.

-- NBC New York has an article up on WWE's issues last night, the fact that they are offering refunds and also the appearance of MacGruber on the show.

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